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General IVF Procedure Questions

If you are considering IVF in the Czech Republic, then read on. Answers to questions about the age limit, couple eligibility and frequency of ultrasounds.

Can I ship donor cells?


Your partner must be present during treatment. Shipping specimen (sperm, eggs, embryos) might be possible.

Can single men and woman, or same-sex couples undergo IVF in the Czech Republic?


When undergoing IVF in the Czech Republic you must have a partner of the opposite sex due to local legislation.

How many ultrasound scans are required during the treatment?


Two-three ultrasounds are necessary during the stimulation phase, while one final scan is required from Prague before egg retrieval.

How many visits are required for DUAL-STIM?


There will be two IVF cycles performed. During the first cycle, the eggs will be frozen, while in the second they embryo transfer will be performed.

Is there any age limit for IVF in the Czech Republic?


You may undergo any type of infertility treatment up until you reach 49 years of age. Women who elect to try with their own eggs, and are older than 45 years may be approved for treatment after a medical examination.

What is the DOUBLE-STIM package?


DOUBLE-STIM gives you the opportunity to use maximum egg stimulation treatment while also combining donated eggs to give you the highest chance of success with embryo transfer. On transfer day you may choose if you want to transfer your own embryos or a combination with the donated eggs. In case there are no quality embryos of your own, the transfer may be performed entirely with donated eggs. Typically, women opt for this package who are giving conventional IVF their last chance while having a reserve of donor eggs.


What is the DUAL-STIM package?


DUAL-STIM is a prolonged version of standard IVF egg stimulation. With this package, you receive two IVF cycles of egg collection consecutively with a 3 day break in between. This gives you the maximum opportunity to collect more quality eggs.

Who is an ideal candidate for DOUBLE-STIM IVF treatment?


This treatment is more suitable for women who have lower egg production and are considering egg donation while wishing to give conventional IVF one last chance.

Who is an ideal candidate for DUAL-STIM IVF treatment?


Younger aged women (up to 40 years) who typically have a lower AMH level (egg count).

Will there be a cost reimbursement if the cycle cannot be completed?


If the cycle can’t be completed a portion of the cost will be reimbursed based on a fixed price chart provided by the clinic.

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