Frequently asked questions

IVF Medication Specifics

Take a closer look at how stimulation drugs will be used and which medications you will receive.

Can you send medication via postal mail?


It is advisable to purchase the medication in Prague during your initial consultation along with a gynecological exam. However, if a day trip to Prague is too difficult for you, we can arrange to send direct delivery via online pharmacy or a prescription.

Needles concern me. How do I facilitate daily injections?


You will receive training from a qualified medical professional at the clinic who will ensure you are comfortable with self-administering injections.

Which stimulation drugs do you use, and why are they so expensive?


Puregon, Gonal, Menopur, Pergoveris, Orgalutran, Cetrotide.

They are considered to be of exceptional quality, with the ease of self-application from your own home which does make them more expensive.

These medications are available for purchase directly at the clinic.  However, if you’d prefer to save an additional trip to Prague, you can try to obtain them from your local doctor.

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