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Health Considerations for IVF Treatment

Which health factors do you need to consider before undergoing IVF treatment, egg or embryo donation? Read on to determine how to best prepare yourself for IVF treatment.

I have gynecological issues, previous surgery etc. Can I receive treatment?


An initial pre-screening assessment will be carried out by our staff, and if necessary consulted with a medical provider. Each patient’s history is unique so there is not a universal response, however any issues will be addressed prior to traveling to Prague.

What is the ideal weight/BMI for IVF treatment?


Treatment can be performed with a BMI of up to 35. Generally, the lower your BMI the better chances you have of success with IVF treatment given your overall health is good.

Which tests need to be done prior to treatment?


We offer a free evaluation by an IVF specialist based upon our on-line medical questionnaire. This will determine which tests are required prior to your visit.

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