Looking for a comprehensive IVF examination? Experience a one-day visit to Prague, where you can undergo all the necessary tests and examinations for IVF ICSI with your gametes or a donor program. Our experts can efficiently conduct all the required tests and evaluations within a single workday. After your visit, you will leave Prague with a specific treatment plan and the necessary medication, ready to start your IVF treatment as soon as you are physically and mentally prepared for it.

With our experienced consultants help, you can plan your short trip to Prague straight away and avoid waiting for unavailable and expensive examinations, lengthy communication with various physicians, and unnecessary overpayment for medication.

Your fertility journey begins with us, providing you with the convenience and expertise you deserve.

Discover Prague: A Safe, Historical, and Breath-Taking Destination
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Why choose Praga Medica?

  • IVF success rates of up to 70%Refers to clinical pregnancy in women under the age of 35 undergoing donor IVF. The success rate for non-donor IVF in the same age group is around 50%.
  • 50% lower IVF costs than other countriesEven with travel and accommodation, fertility treatment in Prague is excellent value for money compared to Ireland, the UK and US, where prices are double. IVF costs here are also around 20% lower than Spain.
  • Over 3500 babies born since 2010Our clinics perform over 1500 IVF cycles a year. The patients are a 60:40 split between Czech couples and those from abroad. We have helped thousands of couples around the globe become a family.
  • Prague is the ultimate IVF holiday destinationVoted most beautiful city in the world, Prague is safe and easily navigable on foot and by public transport. Amazing architecture, shopping, dining and nightlife and plentiful accommodation options are within easy reach. Conveniently located in the heart of Europe, there are direct flights daily to all major European destinations and beyond.
  • Wide range of tailored fertility treatmentsOur IVF packages include ICSI as standard. We offer bespoke treatment, putting your needs first to ensure your experience—and pregnancy test—are positive. We recognise each situation is unique and our treatment protocols are a flexible framework that can be revised as needs change.
  • Successful stress-free treatment is our priorityOur multilingual treatment coordinators aim to relieve much of the burden of this daunting process. We are with you right from your initial enquiry until cycle completion. We can also arrange accommodation and airport transfers so your focus is on preparing for your treatment and not your trip.

Procedure details

Our standard tests and examinations typically include AMH, PRL, TSH, fT4, blood type, Rh factor, STD screening, ultrasound examinations, PAP tests (cytology), semen quality evaluation, followed by a thorough discussion and evaluation of your results with the physician.

1. AMH levels

The Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) blood test measures ovarian reserve (how many eggs you have left) and can show if your ovaries are ageing prematurely. A low AMH level indicates low ovarian reserve and potentially a lower chance of IVF success.

2. Prolactin levels

The PRL test measures the level of prolactin in the blood. This hormone is responsible for stimulating milk production in pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as suppressing fertility to prevent the mother falling pregnant again too soon. Too much prolactin (hyperprolactinaemia) when trying to conceive can prevent ovulation by blocking the production of FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) and cause irregular or absent menstrual periods.

3. TSH and fT4 levels

A thyroid function blood test measures thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) and free thyroxine (fT4) to see if your thyroid is producing the right amount of hormones. Low or high thyroid hormone levels can affect reproductive hormones and disrupt the menstrual cycle.

4. Sexually Transmitted Disease screening, both partners

Blood screening includes the following: HIV-1 & 2 antibody test and antigen test (p24), hepatitis B antigen test (HBsAg) and antibody test (anti-HBc), TPHA and RRR test for syphilis.

5. Ultrasound examination

The baseline ultrasound includes both abdominal and transvaginal scans in order to assess the pelvic organs (cervix, uterus, endometrium and ovaries) before initiating IVF treatment. If fibroids, polyps or cysts are found, they must be treated before ovarian stimulation can commence.

6. PAP test (cytology)

The cervix is swabbed to check for cervical cancer, abnormal precancerous cells and HPV (human papillomavirus). You should avoid sexual intercourse, spermicide and douching in the days leading up to your smear.

7. Sperm quality evaluation

Semen analysis assesses sperm count, motility (how well sperm can swim), morphology (size and shape), leukocytes, anti-sperm antibodies (ASA) and the quantity and quality of seminal fluid. These tests can establish the cause of male infertility and the course of appropriate treatment. Men should abstain from sexual activity for at least 2 days but no longer than 7 days before providing a semen sample.

8. Sperm freezing – eligibility

Before sperm can be cryopreserved (frozen), men must undergo STD testing and submit a semen sample for analysis (see above). Sperm count, motility and morphology are assessed to see if sperm banking is a viable option. Poor quality sperm may not be suitable for freezing.
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What IVF tests and examinations can be completed during a one-day visit to Prague?

Our one-day IVF examination packages bring maximum efficiency in the preparation for your IVF treatment. Depending on your specific case and the planned treatment, we can perform all required tests and examinations on the same day, allowing you to make informed decisions, buy the necessary medication for a better price than at home and move forward with your treatment.

The initial consultation with the IVF doctor can be done during a one-day visit or in advance, online. Check our offer for a free initial online IVF consultation.

How do I prepare for my one-day IVF visit to Prague, and what documents or medical records should I bring?

It is recommended to gather any relevant medical records and reports related to your fertility history. Our friendly consultants will help you with the rest to make your short medical trip to Prague as smooth, productive and even enjoyable as possible. We can provide all the necessary assistance including airport transfers or accommodation if needed.

How much does it cost and how do I pay for it?

Please find the prices of our examination packages for individual procedures in the blue boxes. Our packages include all mandatory examinations. The price of the package varies depending on the type of treatment you require. If you have already had some of the required examinations elsewhere and the results are valid for treatment with us, you will not need to repeat them or pay for them again. Some items are included in the base price of the actual treatment. If you go ahead with the actual treatment, these will be discounted from the treatment price.

There is no upfront payment. For the booking of your examinations and the appointment with the doctor, only your written confirmation is needed.

Everything is paid on the spot after you have been examined.


Other IVF Procedures

Treatment abroad with Praga Medica

We make it easier for English and German-speaking people to achieve a better quality of life through top-notch and affordable medical procedures in the heart of the EU.

Thanks to a personal approach, we guide the client safely through the entire process, choosing from a wide range of services to a smooth course of treatment.

We have been specializing in IVF treatment, egg donation, and embryo donation in Prague since 2010. Our wide range of IVF laboratory methods includes assisted hatching, cultivation of embryos to the blastocyst stage, cryo program, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, and much more.