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Embryo donation, also called embryo adoption, is a safe and reliable fertility treatment option. It represents a solution for couples that are unsuitable for egg donation or IVF treatment, usually due to their health and age.

Finding yourself in such a situation does not mean you cannot have a baby. Our Praga Medica team will guide you through the whole process and find you your perfect physician.

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Procedure details

In our Prague clinics, we offer donor embryos derived from the fertilization of eggs of local voluntary female donors combined with sperm from local voluntary male donors.

Advanced ICSI or PICSI methods are used for fertilization as well as special cultivation technologies. All donor embryos are of the highest quality before freezing. Our embryo adoption program is based on frozen embryos that have been created and stored at our clinics.

You can have requirements for the donor´s eye colour, hair colour, height, weight, age, education and interests/hobbies.

There is also an option for getting fresh embryos.

Infertility treatment with the use of donated embryos is fully legal in the Czech Republic.

The Timeline

  • Patients usually spend 2 – 3 nights in Prague. If the patient prefers two visits, the first one is only a day for the initial consultation, the second visit is for the embryo transfer. If the patient has all tests done upon arrival, the visit might take only 2 days.

  • Day 1: Initial consultation, gynaecological examination, paperwork, payment, signatures, the male partner may leave if necessary.

  • Day 2: 5 transfers of embryos (depending on their previous cultivation)

  • We recommend relaxing for at least for 24 hours after the transfer, before flying back home.

Who the Donors Are

We only use eggs from anonymous volunteer donors that have been carefully preselected and tested. In order to guarantee a high quality of donor eggs, our donor undergoes a series of examinations concerning their health, psychological state and genetics. This includes tests for cystic fibrosis and sexual health screening, to avoid any risk of AIDS (HIV test), hepatitis B (HbSAg, anti-HBc antibodies), hepatitis C (anti-HCV antibodies), or lues (syphilis).

Our egg donors are Czech men and women (Caucasian race = pale skin) under 35 years old.

Requirements for the Treated Couple

The embryo recipient must be less than 49 years old and in good health. The couple does not need to be married but please note that due to the local legislation, we cannot treat single women or couples of the same gender.

Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing (PGT)

PGT is a highly sophisticated scientific technique used to test embryos for specific genetic or chromosomal variations. It helps select embryos unaffected by variations for implantation and pregnancy.

  • A great chance of becoming pregnant over 70%
  • Physicians and embryologists with 15+ years of experience
  • Saving money 50% cheaper compared to the UK and 75% cheaper than in the USA
  • Flexible schedule no waiting lists

Prices & Costs