Laser eye surgery in Bratislava

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We are proud to announce another step in our growth. From now on, you can get your vision surgery done also in Bratislava, Slovakia.

What Surgery Can I Get There?

Our new partnering vision clinic in Slovakia offers all kinds of eye surgery. That means lens replacement for those wishing to get rid of glasses, the modern laser-assisted lens replacement, laser eye surgery for people under 40, cataract surgery replacing the clouding lens, phakic IOLS (implantable contact lenses) and preoperative eye examinations.

How Much Will I Pay?

Getting our sight back in its full strength is one of the most amazing advances of modern medicine. In case you are wondering about the price, our average vision surgery costs between € 650 and € 2000 per eye. And did you know that the UK National Health System might even give you your money back? Have a look at Bob’s story – NHS refunds eye surgery done abroad!

I Want My Stay in Bratislava to be Worth It!

As the surgery we offer requires a stay between three and five days, give yourself a little break and enjoy the city! This capital in Central Europe might be less famous than Prague, however, it is still visited by a million tourists every year. What are the things they visit? Let’s see!

As it is in many other cities, the Old Town is definitely a must. You will find most of the historical buildings here. Bratislava’s Town Hall, many baroque palaces, the gothic St. Martin’s Cathedral and the secessionist Church of St. Elizabeth are all within walking distance from one another. Walk up the hill and pay a visit to the Bratislava Castle for a lovely view.

When you are tired of sightseeing, try the local food in one of the traditional restaurants.

Bratislava offers many direct flights from the UK and Ireland. It is certainly worth considering and a unique opportunity to get to know this Slovak treasure and thus combine pleasantly with useful. Decide for yourself when it is best for you to visit Bratislava…