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Enjoy your life without glasses

Fortunately, there is now an alternative to both glasses and contact lenses. Get rid of your glasses and contact lenses with the LIFETIME WARRANTY! One that is proven quick, effective, and perfectly safe.

We offer treatment in Prague, Brno, or Bratislava where you can save up to 50% on quality laser eye surgery!

Let us fix your vision only in 10 sec per eye with the most modern laser Visumax 800, the latest technology in laser eye surgery.

The best laser on the market

Visumax 800 represents the latest generation of ZEISS femtosecond lasers, offering reduced laser time. Its fast performance reduces the surgery time to 10 seconds per eye. A pain-free and blood-free treatment with only local anaesthetic in the form of eye drops does not require an overnight stay in the hospital.

  • Laser Visumax 800, one of a few latest lasers in the world - NOW in Prague, Brno and Bratislava

  • 100% pain-free laser eye surgery

  • Half price compared to other EU countries

  • No waiting list

  • This method is recommended for young patients, usually up to 40 years old. We offer the most modern methods:

    • ReLEx SMILE
    • IntraLASIK Wavefront
    • IntraLASIK
    Are you over 40 years old? Check the best treatment for you!

    Procedure details


    ReLEx SMILE is the most suitable for short-sighted people and people with astigmatism. This method allows for treating higher myopic prescriptions than LASIK. Only one femtosecond laser is used during the whole laser eye surgery. No flap is created, which makes the recovery period shorter. The incision is smaller than 2mm (compared to 20mm of LASIK). Only 3 days are necessary for the surgery. Both eyes are operated on the same day, preceded by a thorough preoperative eye examination.


    Laser eye surgery is a great way to get rid of glasses. This method is recommended for young patients, usually up to 40 years old. We offer the most modern methods: IntraLASIK, IntraLASIK Wavefront, and ReLEx SMILE.

    IntraLASIK, full laser LASIK or also called FemtoLASIK is a laser eye surgery during which the protective corneal flap is created with a femtosecond laser (FemtoLASIK), and the excimer laser works on the basis of dioptric expression of the disorder. It is still the preferred method for many optometrists and laser eye clinics worldwide.

    LASIK surgery is painless and quick. It usually only takes 10-15 minutes. The recovery process is very fast and the eye is stabilized within a few days. We use Excimer laser MEL 80 and Carl Zeiss femtosecond laser VisuMAX.

    Why is it called bladeless LASIK?

    During conventional LASIK-type surgery, the protective layer in the form of cornea lamella is surgically created by means of a mechanical microkeratome with a sharp oscillating blade. Although the surgery is extremely safe and reliable, the idea of a vibrating blade working on their eye is not acceptable for a number of patients. Compared to that, during IntraLASIK surgery, the protective layer is created with a delicate and precise laser, without using any sharp or cutting instruments.

    This so-called femtosecond laser can create the flap in a safe, precise, and painless manner. The Specialists we cooperate with use VisuMax femtosecond laser by Zeiss. The Femtosecond laser is used by NASA to heal its cosmonauts and by the US Army and US Navy to heal the members of combat units as well as pilots. In the case of the LASIK method, the dioptric expression of the disorder is determined on the basis of auto refractometer measurements and on the basis of the subsequent method of subjective refraction by means of examination glasses and optotypes.

    IntraLASIK Wavefront

    IntraLASIK Wavefront with a femtosecond laser (FemtoLASIK) can be offered as refractive surgery. IntraLASIK Wavefront laser eye surgery has the highest potential to achieve perfect vision. All laser methods of removing dioptres change the curvature of the eye cornea so that the optical system of the eye will form images of observed objects on the retina as true as possible.

    Wavefront-guided LASIK is similar to conventional LASIK, except that in addition to treating a patient’s basic refractive error, a 3D map of the eye is created using a device called an aberrometer. The aberrometer captures specific alterations and visual irregularities in a patient’s eye. All the imperfections are displayed on a 3D wavefront map that is used to guide the lasers.

    What are the benefits of wavefront to standard LASIK?

    Unlike traditional LASIK, wavefront LASIK treats both lower and higher-order aberrations. This results in a reduced risk of post-LASIK complications, such as glare and difficulty with night vision. These irregularities can affect vision quality, contrast sensitivity, and night vision. Wavefront LASIK is more precise thanks to the 3D wavefront map. We use Excimer laser MEL 80 and Carl Zeiss femtosecond laser VisuMAX.

    • Prices up to 50 % lower than in western countries for high-quality treatment
    • Top quality facilities and modern techniques with experienced doctors, who speak English and German
    • No waiting lists surgery bookings available within few weeks
    • Personal consultant who is at your assistance before, during and after the treatment, and organizes your whole stay
    • Many years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers
    • Accessible, safe and attractive locations treatment takes place in Prague or Bratislava

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