Why is the Czech Republic the best country for IVF treatment?

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Many couples around the world struggle to conceive naturally. However, it does not mean they should put their dream of having a baby to bed. Even if you have undergone fertility treatment without success in your home country, you can increase your chances of successful pregnancy by turning to IVF clinics abroad.

IVF in the Czech Republic is becoming a very popular choice for those considering fertility treatment abroad. In 2020, more than 30,000 IVF cycles were completed, with foreign couples making up a third of the total. Let’s look into the reasons why:

1) High IVF success rates

IVF clinics in Prague and other major Czech cities have an excellent reputation thanks to highly qualified fertility specialists and cutting-edge IVF techniques, technology and facilities, which result in very competitive success rates. Praga Medica partners with the best IVF clinics in Prague and has a proven success rate of over 70%.

2) Fair IVF costs

Another reason why IVF in the Czech Republic is so popular is the affordability of fertility treatment. In many countries, IVF treatment is extremely costly, especially when multiple cycles are needed. Compared to other EU countries, IVF treatment costs are up to 50% lower here, even when factoring in travel and accommodation. IVF treatment abroad makes financial sense and IVF in Prague offers exceptional value for money.

3) Wide range of fertility treatment options

We offer extensive assisted reproduction methods in our IVF packages, such as IVF ICSI, egg donation, embryo donation, and much more, which may not be available in some countries. Our wide range of supportive treatments are tailored to your individual needs, helping you increase your chances of becoming pregnant. Additionally, the IVF age limit for women is up to 49, which is a lot higher than many other countries.

4) Safe procedures, anonymous egg and sperm donors

As we cooperate with the best fertility centres in Prague, you can rest assured that these IVF clinics adhere to rigorous standards and are subject to stringent quality control. Your health and safety is paramount. Reassuringly, the healthcare system in the Czech Republic is well regulated and on a par with western Europe. Donor IVF is also strictly regulated. Only eggs from young, healthy donors are used. Donors are tested and selected according to the strictest criteria so that you can be sure of the quality of donor eggs. Egg donation in the Czech Republic is anonymous for both donors and patients. Thanks to a large database of suitable donors, there are no IVF waiting lists.

5) Stress-free experience

At Praga Medica, we understand the IVF process is challenging and requires a lot of energy, time and money. But having your dream baby does not have to drain you or your life savings. Our job is to make your IVF experience as smooth, and trouble-free as possible, leaving you to focus on your treatment and recovery.

With our friendly and individualised approach, we will guide you through the whole process, coordinate consultations for you, make travel arrangements and help you choose the best treatment. To reassure you even further, our doctors speak English and German and can therefore answer any questions you may have in your native language. Our English- and German-speaking consultants are always by your side at the clinic, ready to offer help and support. Furthermore, our partner clinics are conveniently located close to many hotels, so you do not have to worry about making any long journeys.

6) Stay in one of the most beautiful cities in the world

Prague is an architectural marvel and attracts millions of tourists each year. In fact, TimeOut readers voted Prague the most beautiful city in the world in 2021. It is a global city and as a result many locals speak English or German.

7) Thousands of IVF success stories

We have helped countless couples achieve their dream of starting or expanding their family and have welcomed over 3500 babies to the world. Our patient testimonials speak for themselves:

“IVF Praga Medica took away so much of the hassle and stress you may expect from going through IVF abroad. They liaised with the clinic for us, booked taxis and transfers, organised acupuncture, offered advice (especially with COVID) and even came to the clinic with me when I had to travel alone. If you're considering travelling to Prague for IVF treatment, I highly recommend going through Praga Medica.”

These are just a few reasons why the Czech Republic is one of the best countries for IVF. At Praga Medica, our goal is to make your baby dreams a reality. We care and we listen. So please, get in touch and let us help you on your IVF journey.

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