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Due to modern hectic life, conceiving a baby is becoming more and more problematic. Thankfully, nowadays IVF can be within reach to almost any couple longing for a child. IVF abroad is becoming a more preferred choice among couples looking to start their own family. Couples are motivated by the flexibility, affordable prices, and first-class treatments that foreign clinics offer. One of the countries that really stands out in this field is the Czech Republic. The number of IVF trials in the Czech Republic has increased by 50% over the past 30 years, with one third being foreign patients. Thanks to the central European location and reasonable costs, the interest in fertility treatment in the Czech Republic continues to grow.

One of the main perks of IVF in the Czech Republic is the price to quality ratio. Though the IVF cost abroad depends on different clinics, the Czech Republic offers favorable IVF prices for high-class treatments. This is due to the fact that the cost of labor of nurses, doctors and specialists are significantly lower in comparison to other western countries, such as the UK, USA or Germany. This helps to reduce the price of the procedure, ultimately making first-class treatment accessible to any couple looking to have a child of their own.

IVF in the Czech Republic is popular not only because of the price but also thanks to the favorable location. Situated in the heart of Europe. It is virtually accessible from all over Europe, if not the world. It is strategically situated and can be reached from Prague airport as well as the Vienna airport, therefore, Prague has been one of the go-to cities for IVF treatments.

The misconception, that Prague offers a low-quality, is now a myth that has been debunked for many years. IVF in Prague offers a first-class and compassionate treatment. Couples feel at ease and confident upon the first visit.

One of the most prominent Czech companies that offer IVF in Prague is Praga Medica. Our company has been here for you for more than 10 years. During which, we have helped hundreds, perhaps thousands of couples to get their desired baby. One of them is Pamela and her husband Ian. In 2018 we helped them to the birth of their son Patrick. Two are more than one, so they decided to get Patrick a sibling. Pamela and Ian visited us again in January. And why did they choose the Czech Republic and namely us?

Here's a short excerpt from Fertilityroad Magazine that will tell you:

,,There are over 40 IVF clinics across Czechia and almost all of them employ English speaking staff to ensure patients are treated and cared for by someone who speaks their language. All clinics must be licensed by the government in order to operate, and each must submit success rate statistics to the government each year to ensure that their practice can continue. Furthermore, every two years a clinic inspection is undertaken by statutory agency SUKL, to ensure that each facility is maintaining strict regulatory practices.

There are a number of reasons for the popularity of the country as a fertility destination – a major one of which is cost. Look carefully and there are a number of centres which offer treatment starting for a little over 2000 Euros per IVF cycle. However, low ivf cost does not necessarily mean low quality and this is proven by the clinic’s ability to offer diverse range of treatments managed by experienced IVF medics and specialists; good overall success results across age ranges and facilities equipped with the most advanced technologies available.

Legislation around fertility treatment however is not as liberal as other European countries. Same sex couples and single women are not able to access treatment; the upper age limit for women patients is 49 and gender selection is not permitted. However, anonymous egg and sperm donors are available as well as additional procedures such as ICSI, PGS, PGD, assisted hatching and social egg freezing.

The Fertility Road team recently accompanied Fertility Foundation volunteer Pamela, husband Ian, son Patrick and proud grandparents to the Prague clinic where she received successful treatment in 2018.

We were there at the kind invitation of Praga Medica…‘‘