IVF with egg donation process in Prague

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Our client recently sent us a very detailed description of her experience using IVF treatment with Egg Donation.

We have chosen to share the story in our blog so that others could have a better idea of how IVF treatment in Prague takes place, and how Praga Medica helps. The client explains in the text why she selected IVF abroad, what fertility treatment package she opted for and what her schedule was like during the visit in Prague.

,,We would not hesitate to recommend Praga Medica to everyone looking to start IVF treatment abroad. We have nothing but good things to say about our experience and the service, using them from beginning to end. Our Treatment Consultant was so helpful and professional, communication with her was brilliant, nothing was too much trouble in answering and explaining any of our queries, and always very promptly too.

After doing our research we chose to use Praga Medica because of many reasons including their excellent reviews, reputation, success rates and experience, not to mention affordability compared to the UK IVF costs and other countries' prices. Also, a big factor was knowing that they had no waiting list there for egg donors and were available straight away, (they are also strictly anonymous in the Czech Republic), therefore we could start our treatment within a couple of months. Our first initial email contact with Praga Medica was in March and we completed all our treatment in July. We also knew we could choose an IVF package knowing everything we needed was included and set out within the price, with no nasty surprises later on. We chose the Maximum FET package with egg donation, and the only thing we had to pay for extra was the hormone medication to use before and twelve weeks after treatment. We bought and paid for this from a pharmacy in Prague next to the fertility clinic, and at a far cheaper price than it would have been from at home with a private prescription. We had all our treatment there at Prague Fertility Clinic with Dr. Alexander, who explained everything in perfect English and in simple terms to us, again cannot fault any of our treatment and experience there with all the staff. It all went very smoothly and in a very modern and immaculately clean and professional environment. Of course, our treatment consultant was there at every visit to help and ensure everything went smoothly. We decided to pay extra on top of our package to use the clinic's up-to-date methods of optional extra treatments to give us the highest chance of success and added an extra package that included embryo glue, time-lapse embryo monitoring and the PICSI procedure.

We also opted to use the taxi pick up service Praga Medica offer too, our consultant arranged all our pickups and drop-offs to and from the airport and to the Fertility Clinic. We really couldn't have had our treatment made any easier for us, it was made reassuring and stress-free. We arranged for our fertility treatment to be done on two separate trips to Prague, one trip was for one night which was for the consultation with the Dr and to arrange all our treatment going forward. And the second trip was for a five-night stay to complete the treatment at the clinic, which only one day out of the five we were there was for treatment, the rest was our free time to enjoy ourselves there, while the Clinic was doing all the hard work preparing our embryos to a high quality ready to transfer. The second trip felt more like a holiday, staying in the beautiful city of Prague, we had a wonderful time visiting and exploring and enjoyed it so much.

We are now pleased to say we are 25 weeks pregnant with twins (girl/boy) from our first IVF cycle and first fresh embryo transfer, (and we still have one five day blastocyst frozen to use at a later date if we wish). We couldn't be happier with everything, thank you to everyone at Praga Medica, especially our consultant for all of your help and service, and of course to Fertility Clinic for the actual IVF treatment and making all this happen for us.’’

A beautiful story with a happy ending.

Our client wishes to remain anonymous, but she wanted to share the whole process of IVF treatment with Egg Donation from the beginning to the end. It lasted only 4 months and our couple will give birth to two babies soon.

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