How much can you save by undergoing IVF with embryo donation abroad? Is it really worth it?

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Why is there not enough embryos in the UK, US and Ireland?

Embryo donation in the UK

IVF with embryo donation is a big problem in the UK as there is not a plentiful supply of such embryos. This is due to many reasons, one of them being that there is no compensation to the donor and thus people are not motivated enough to do so. As well as that there is a lower chance of receiving such embryos from an IVF with egg donation procedure as in the UK a low amount of egg is used for this procedure and thus there is a lower chance of forming an embryo. This is why NHS IVF with embryo donation waiting time is so long. The price tends to be around 7500£ which is around 8600€. However, the patient faces the struggle that there is a low number of donors and thus is waiting listed as well as this being rather not a very common type of fertility treatment procedure and thus the doctors do not have a lot of experience with such technique. As well as the patient will not get any refund nor any compensation if the first attempt to get pregnant fails. This is why many UK pairs which try to conceive face the question to have IVF in the UK or abroad

Embryo donation in USA

US has the same problem as the UK as there is a lack of embryo donors and the patient also has to be waitlisted which also results in lack of experience as well as the clinics that perform embryo donation are not presented in every single state of USA and thus you may be forced to travel to another state and the already high cost will increase. The average price of such procedure is around 12 000$ which is around 10 600€. The costs of US clinics are usually broken-down in order to mislead the patient to think that the price for the treatment is low. And like in the UK there is usually no refund nor any compensation if a person does not get pregnant for the first attempt.

Embryo donation in Ireland

Ireland also faces a problem with embryo donation. However, it is not as bad as in the UK and US. The average price is around 7000€. There is usually no refund nor any compensation if a person does not get pregnant for the first attempt. This may result in the patient being waitlisted again and wasting of patients time.

Embryo donation in Prague, Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic(Czechia) through Praga Medica which works with Prague’s IVF clinic with outstanding reviews, the cost of embryo donation in Prague is around 3000€  which includes all the necessary tests of the recipient and of the embryo as well as a second embryo that is free of charge should the patient not get pregnant with the first attempt, transfer to the clinic for the 1st appointment and a local representative to help during your whole stay to make things stress free.

Therefore even if we add to this price other costs like a Hotel stay, airplane ticket, and other costs, the price will still be lower than in the countries mentioned above not even mentioning that there is no waiting time unlike some countries mentioned above. This is why Czech Republic is well known for its cheap IVF with high success rate and outstanding quality of service. So The answer to, how to improve IVF success rate might be to go for ivf abroad.  In some countries, it is illegal to undergo IVF if you are over 40. Therefore you will have to undergo IVF with embryo donor abroad if you are over 40 years old. In the Czech Republic, the limit for IVF is 48 years old.

Why aren't patients in the Czech Republic Waitlisted?

This is because Czech Republic’s IVF is well-known for a good quality IVF all around the world and also has a high success rate and thus many embryos are left over from patients. Thus many embryos are available for donation.

What is the difference between egg donation and embryo donation IVF?

Egg donation means that the egg was donated by women to a pair that is trying to have a child and usually the sperm used to fertilize this egg comes from the father. Embryo donation means that it is an egg and sperm from a different pair of individuals that will be inserted into woman's uterus.

Why is embryo donation sometimes referred to as embryo adoption?

This is due to the fact that some people believe that an embryo is already a child. Children's are not being donated but are being adopted, hence the name embryo adoption.

Why is embryo donation cheaper than egg donation?

This is because an embryo is donated for free and is sort of a left over from egg donation or standard IVF treatments. The egg is donated for money as well as the person that donates the egg has to take special medication and thus the cost increases.

What is IVF?

IVF is a type of assisted reproductive technology used for infertility treatment. IVF stands for In vitro fertilization. This is a fertilization of an egg by sperm outside of the body. The fertilized egg (zygote) undergoes embryo culture for 2–6 days, and is then transferred to woman's uterus. The embryo donation part means giving of embryos remaining after one couple's in vitro fertilization to another person. This is without a compensation to the donor. Embryo donation is sometimes referred to as sometimes called embryo adoption.

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How much can you save by undergoing IVF with egg donation abroad?

How much can you save by undergoing IVF abroad?