The Truth Behind Laser Operation Myths

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Regaining perfect sight would have been completely out of question a few decades ago and probably considered magic some centuries ago. Nowadays, this is not only possible but actually pretty simple and easily available. Getting rid of glasses sounds very appealing, however, people tend to get intimidated by certain myths they hear about this kind of surgery. Are they true or false? Let’s have a look!


Laser operations can make you go blind

There have been no cases of blindness until this very day. Actually, all major complications are extremely rare with this kind of surgery. You need to keep in mind that a laser eye operation only affects the front surface of the eye. However, it is important that the eye surgeon goes through all the potential risks with the patient during the pre-operative examination. This consultation will also determine whether the person is a good candidate for laser eye surgery.


The surgery is painful

This is completely false. Laser eye surgery is performed under local anaesthesia, so you won’t feel a thing. Anaesthetic drops are used in order to numb the eye. The only thing that could happen as far as pain goes is some slight discomfort after the surgery. This is usually only a matter of hours.


If the surgery goes wrong, you cannot correct it

There is absolutely no reason for this. In case the surgery does not bring you the desired outcome, your surgeon can carry out further treatment. Therefore, this is also only a myth.


The laser is hot

The laser is in fact cold. What could be the grounds for this urban legend is the fact that during the surgery, you may notice a burning smell. This is caused by a chemical reaction of the laser and the cornea. As a result, carbon atoms are released into the air. That means the laser is operating with near-atomic precision!


The changes are not permanent

The changes done to your eye actually are permanent. However, it is true that as you age, your vision might still change slightly. You can retake this surgery in the future, even though it is not very common. Patients usually do not experience such a strong decrease of vision that they would consider this option.


You will not be able to get cataract surgery later

There is literally nothing true about this statement. Even after opting for laser eye surgery, you can still have cataract surgery as well, should you eventually need it. Laser eye surgery does not prevent you from getting this kind of medical treatment.