British scientists discovered what increases the IVF success rate

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British scientists from Aberdeen University have discovered that people who underwent IVF and experienced miscarriage have a higher chance of pregnancy in their next cycle. This is because it proves that implantation is possible.

Miscarriage in IVF patients is taken badly and many couples tend to not continue IVF as it seems like they can’t achieve pregnancy. As well as WTO ( the world health organization) advises patients to wait for 6 months after a miscarriage and then try another cycle of IVF. This was disproved by the British scientists several times.

Scientists from Aberdeen University published a study in 2010 which stated that women that underwent IVF within the period of 6 months after miscarriage and women that have experienced miscarriage have a higher chance of successful pregnancy and having a healthy baby than women that have not experienced a miscarriage. This study was repeated many times to prove its results

Scientists argue that the reason for this is because women with miscarriage have unsuccessful pregnancy but have successful implantation which is one of the most important stages in embryological development as without implantation and thus it proves that successful pregnancy is possible.

The study was conducted by studying health Data of 112,000 women who started IVF between 1999 and 2008. In these data, scientists have noticed a 30% increase in the success of pregnancy of women who have experienced miscarriage and underwent IVF within 6 months after the procedure.

This shows that when a miscarriage happens it is nothing to be sad about as it increases the probability of getting pregnant in the next try due to the fact that implantation of the embryo has been successful. ( There are many reasons for the abortion as the embryo has to develop many supporting structures like notochord for example and it has to fold in a certain manner and thus a mistake in some of these processes may have occurred which resulted in a miscarriage. This could have also been caused by higher vitamin levels which are scientifically proven to cause miscarriage like high vitamin A intake and etc).


Source: Global News