Introducing the Maximum FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer) Guarantee: Highest Success Rating Infertility Package

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A unique egg donation infertility package designed to reach the highest potential for conceiving. Praga Medica, offering IVF and fertility treatment in Prague, has developed a customized approach to utilising the most advanced procedures on the market. With the Maximum FET Guarantee both fresh and frozen embryo transfers are included, guaranteeing two attempts and 3 quality embryos, boosting success rates to 75.7%.

Fresh Embryo Transfer vs. FET (Cryopreserve)

The package includes two different treatment options.  The first, more natural approach to conception transfers a fresh embryo created by synchronization of the egg donor’s menstrual cycle with the recipient´s. This approach although more time sensitive, typically yields a higher success rate. However, FET is advancing with increased success rates.  It allows the patient more flexibility, and different ways of preparing the patient for treatment.  Most importantly, it allows for further attempts.

What makes this package unique?

  • Guarantees 3 quality embryos in total, one fresh embryo transfer and one frozen transfer. This allows patients a higher probability for the second attempt.
  • 3rd fresh package free of charge. If all previous attempts are utilized still without success, then the 3rd fresh embryo transfer is free of charge.
  • A 75.7% success rate, besting other egg donation FET packages.
  • Possibility to choose and book a specific donor.

How does it compare to other egg donation FET packages?

Typically, standard FET packages on the market include two attempts at the investment of one, resulting in 2 embryos produced. However, the guarantee of 3 quality embryos makes this exceptional. Also, some FET guarantee packages do not guarantee a fresh embryo transfer.

What makes egg donation with Maximum FET Guarantee special?

In case a donor fails to produce quality eggs, a new donor will be selected at no additional cost.

If there are only 2 quality embryos, you will be given a new set of fresh eggs using a new donor to create a new dose of quality embryos. This dramatically increases your chances to get pregnant from the following FET.

Physical features such as the donor’s hair or eye colour, height, weight along the level of education may be requested.  Specific requirements will try to be best matched, with the possibility to reserve a candidate exclusively for the patient.

Why egg donation in Prague with Praga Medica?

A medical tourism facilitator, specializing in egg donation since 2010, with nearly 1,000 international egg and embryo donation recipients treated to date. Partnering with leading fertility clinics in Prague and the Czech Republic, and highly specialised physicians and embryologists with over 15 years’ experience we provide outstanding service.  Offering an individualized approach to successfully conceiving, psychological support, personalized complementary procedures including e.g. acupuncture, and service packages including transportation and accommodation in Prague taking on shared risks which include many guarantees, and or significant discounts.

Contributing writer: Lorna Straka