Gastric Sleeve, the Best of all the Bariatric Surgeries

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Sleeve Gastrectomy (another term for gastric sleeve surgery) is the best of all the bariatric surgeries. It has a life-long effect and provides a quick loss of weight and a thoroughly positive change in your life.

Our clinic, founded in 2004, has a first-class reputation and has so far carried out more that 2000 surgeries, both laparoscopic and robotic. The two experienced surgeons in charge are: Jaroslav Tvarůžek M.D., who has performed over 1200 gastric sleeve surgeries and who holds a senior surgeon license and an international license authorizing robotic operations and Igor Šimoník, M.D., who performs more than 200 gastric sleeve surgeries each year.

How does gastric sleeve surgery work?

The patient’s Body Mass Index (BMI) must be over 35 to be considered eligible for surgery. During surgery, about 80% of the stomach tissue is removed. The main effect of surgery is that the stomach secretes less of the hunger hormone, ghrelin, so the patient feels less hungry and full sooner. That essentially leads to a loss of a considerable amount of weight in a relatively short time. For instance, a patient that weighs 120 kg loses on average 30-40 kg in the first year after surgery.

Life after surgery

The procedure is done laparoscopically and for patients of all ages (from the age of 18). During the first 4 weeks, you will be able to eat only liquidised food to ensure that your stomach heals smoothly. The week after, you will introduce solid foods again and after that you should be fully recovered, slowly transitioning to regular exercise and resuming normal life.

Weight Loss

Most of the weight loss will take place during the first year after surgery. It goes without saying that surgery should be followed by a healthy diet and regular exercise, however the procedure will give you a considerable head start on your journey to a better and higher quality of life.

Health Improvements

Patients who lead a healthy lifestyle after gastric sleeve surgery, which includes a regular food intake and exercise, show extremely promising and life-long results. They not only manage to maintain their weight, but also notice rapid improvements in diabetes, hypertension, asthma, sleep apnoea, joint pains and other excess weight-related problems.


Gastric sleeve surgery promises further benefits. The weight loss means that you will no longer be discriminated against, feel ostracised or overhear hurtful comments. You may find that you are treated with more respect, but mainly you might discover that you have a whole new relationship with yourself. A relationship with more confidence, respect and appreciation. Furthermore, your weight will no longer limit your activities and abilities. You will be able to keep up and spend quality time with your loved ones with nothing holding you back anymore.


The cost of gastric sleeve surgery in the USA is between 19 to 25 thousand dollars and in the UK is 8 to 12 thousand pounds. However, in the Czech Republic  it is far cheaper (price list here).

Other benefits of having the surgery through Praga Medica

Those accompanying you may stay with you in one of the 2-3-bedroom apartments with full service. The clinic serves only a small number of guests at any given time, so you can rest assured that you will receive intimate and personalised care from our very attentive doctors and nurses.

You can fly to Prague, Brno or Vienna and our team will transport you to the clinic free of charge.

The Czech Republic is accessible from most places. There are plenty of low-cost flights between various places in the UK and Ireland. Within 1.5 to 2 hours you are in Prague and getting picked up by our driver. You are further entitled to a free medical history evaluation by our experienced surgeons. Additionally, most of the time, we will be able to offer you (once we carefully tailor your trip and surgery according to your needs) available surgery dates within 2 weeks.

Side effects of surgery

You might find that introducing solid food to your diet after surgery is a challenge, since your stomach size has decreased so considerably. However, that is nothing to worry about. You will soon be able to go to on a healthy, nutritious diet.

Because of the weight loss, you might experience sagging skin. That is completely normal and there are treatments that can take care of that too.

Furthermore, should you keep on excessively overeating, there is a risk of regaining some of the weight. Your stomach could possibly stretch again, though not to its previous size. If you do keep on overeating, the weight gain can result in a return of weight-related health problems.

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