Fight obesity with gastric sleeve surgery

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Gastric reduction surgery is a big decision which cannot be made in one day. Like other big decisions, all advantages and disadvantages must be taken into account. The intention of this post is not to tout gastric surgery as the best and only solution for everyone, but to explain why we need gastric surgery more and more and offer a possible solution for generations to come.

Unfortunately, obesity is increasing among small children. Why is this happening? Lifestyles and trends show that children no longer romp around until sunset, having fun and forgetting about meals, but they sit at home on the computer, unsupervised and eating junk. In Europe, more and more children are being treated with mild or advanced obesity. If this problem is not addressed in time, we will have to bear the consequences not just into adolescence but into old age. Time is running out, kilos are increasing, and overall health is getting worse. We go to the doctor, and we hear: "Mrs. / Mr. Smith, if you do not lose weight, you are in danger of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack, cancer, a stroke, joint disease, etc." After a few days--maybe even weeks-- of suffering, denial and starvation, we do not see a drastic change. We slow down, we lose motivation and we allow more and more ‘cheat days’. The result becomes time is running out, kilos are increasing, our overall health is getting worse ...

We remember the words of our doctor, who warned us and pointed out where being overweight or obese can lead. It is high time to think seriously about yourself. It's not just about the numbers on the scale or your figure, but about you, your health, your family, your life!!!

Gastric sleeve for obesity

There is actually a way to encourage weight loss and help you start a new life. After an extensive search for information, you realize that there is a surgical procedure as a possible solution to the problems called a gastric sleeve. Nowadays it is a common operation that is performed laparoscopically. This means that you do not have a huge scar on your stomach like you had been bitten by a shark. Basically, it's about reducing your stomach to the size of a banana. It removes the part of the stomach in which, among other things, a hunger-inducing hormone is produced. You will have a feeling of being full very quickly so that the extra pounds gradually disappear. Maybe for the first time (or after a long time), you can say, "I cannot eat everything anymore!" And that's the first step to a better and easier life.

In Europe and the US, obesity surgery is very well known and widespread, but also very expensive.

Continue to do research

The costs of bariatric surgery is very high in many countries and unaffordable for some patients. Although there is a chance that health insurance will cover these costs completely or even partially, the insurance route is very long and very tedious. We offer you a real alternative that makes it worthwhile to consider.  The Czech Republic has the same level of quality as the leading countries, but with much lower prices, thanks to Dr. Jaroslav Tvarůžek. He began his professional career in Germany and since 1994 he has worked in the Czech Republic in the town of Mostiště, performing bariatric surgery. You know where you should go! Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is: "For God's sake, I cannot speak Czech!" Rest assured, we can speak your language. We are happy to help you with everything and take care of all your needs.

Let us mention that Mostiště is a beautiful place with lovely natural beauty. It is a small town with a few hundred inhabitants, proving that the world's modern medical capabilities and respected professionals do not just work in big cities. Mostiště is where you will find peace of mind and comfort.

One of the goals of this post was to help you find new ways to successfully fight obesity. Cheer up and start a new life! But most of all, you must be able to love yourself and your health, in order to pass it on to your children. Keep an eye on them and physical health, their eating habits and lifestyles so that they do not later face the same situation and must decide how to shed too many extra pounds in order for them to have a happy life.