Enhance Your Vision with Clareon Aspheric Lens

Discover the benefits of our state-of-the-art Clareon® Aspheric Lens developer by Alcon, the market leader in mono-focal and trifocal lenses, and revolutionize your vision. This spectacular Trifocal lens brings clarity to your world through cutting-edge technology! Start your new life without wearing glasses.

Clareon® Aspheric Lens offers the perfect solution for your lifestyle, especially if you appreciate luxuriously contrasting vision even in low light.

Why is Clareon® Aspheric Lens the leader between Trifocal Lens?

1. Superior Vision in Challenging Conditions:
- Enjoy your perfect vision even in the dusk, sudden brightness changes, or foggy conditions. If you often drive at night or find your eyes challenged in foggy conditions, the Clareon® Aspheric Intraocular Lens is the ideal solution.

2. Filter for blue light:
- Clareon® Aspheric Lens has a filter for blue light to provide increased protection for the retina.

3. Automated Precision with AutonoMe™ System:
- We are proud to be among the first clinics in the Czech Republic to utilize Clareon® with AutonoMe™, providing precise, automatic lens insertion.

4. High-Tech Material for Enhanced Clarity:
- The lens is crafted from an innovative material with a super-smooth surface, reducing unwanted optical effects, e.g., Halos, and improving performance.

Benefits of Clareon® Aspheric Intraocular Lens:

1. Low Incidence of Secondary Cataracts
- Experience minimal risk of secondary cataracts after surgery.

2. Precision and Stability Post-Surgery
- Achieve accurate and stable postoperative results thanks to the excellent adherence of the lens in the eye.

3. Elimination of Undesired Optical issues
- Say goodbye to Halos!

Why Choose Clareon®?

1. Streamlined Surgical Process:
- Automated insertion system simplifies the work for our eye surgeons, expediting the entire surgery.

2. Maintains Clarity Post-Implantation:
- The lens remains as clear in the eye as in the injector before implantation.

3. Comprehensive UV Protection:
- Includes a yellow filter for added protection against harmful UV radiation.

4. Durable and Affordable
- Crafted from a high-quality polymer material, Clareon® ensures long-term clarity at an affordable price.

Discover unparalleled vision clarity with the Clareon® Aspheric Lens by Alcon, a cutting-edge trifocal lens. With superior performance in challenging conditions, a blue light filter for retinal protection, and the innovative AutonoMe™ System, Clareon® stands out.

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