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Stomach reduction surgery, e.g., gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, stomach reduction, might be a big step in the right direction, if:

  • your BMI is over 35
  • your age is between 18 and 65
  • you suffer from obesity-related illnesses
  • you tried to lose weight without success.

We are skilled in various less invasive weight loss procedures enabling you to make recommendations based on your individual goal. The most common method in the Czech Republic is gastric sleeve surgery when the stomach is reduced to the sleeve.

Every surgical procedure carries some risk; however, for most patients, the benefits greatly outweigh other potentially more severe health challenges.

Procedure details

1. Gastric Sleeve

A gastric sleeve surgery or a sleeve gastrectomy is an effective way to lose weight. Part of the stomach is removed, so the patient cannot eat as much and feels full sooner.

A gastric Sleeve is a suitable option for patients between 18 and 65 who are indicated for extreme obesity or obesity with a BMI of 35+ and have a severe health issue related to their weight.

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2. Gastric Bypass

A gastric bypass is a surgical treatment when the top part of the stomach is joined to the small intestine. The patient feels full with less food and does not intake as many calories from food.

A gastric bypass surgery is generally recommended for very obese patients with a BMI over 40.

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Why choose Praga Medica for Gastric Sleeve Surgery in the Czech Republic?

  • Fair pricing – up to 50% lower than in other destinations in the EUOur prices are significantly lower than in other destinations; however, the quality of treatment is one of the best in the world. We can help you to plan your journey to health and happiness.
  • Ensuring a trouble-free stay in the Czech RepublicOur multilingual specialists are here to look after you the whole trip. We can assist you with the airport transfer.
  • You will stay at the state-of-the-art clinicOur partner clinic serves only a small number of guests. You can rest assured that you will receive private and personalized care from very attentive staff.
  • Thousands of happy clients since 2010We have helped many clients to lose weight, be healthier, and feel more confident. You can be the next one.
  • Comprehensive approach of a multidisciplinary team of world-class professionalsWe offer a comprehensive approach of a multidisciplinary team of top professionals in the fields of bariatrics, internal medicine, plastic surgery, diabetology, and gastroenterology.

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