Why wear glasses when you can have your lenses replaced and see well without them?

The new technology of Vivity lenses enables to see well at distance and arm’s length, which significantly reduces the dependence on prescription glasses for intermediate and far.

Vivity lens also offers functional vision up close, therefore reading glasses are not as much needed as in the case of monofocal lenses. Vivity lenses help using a phone or read a menu in good lighting without glasses.

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  • Zero side effect with EDOF Vivity lensesExperience NO night phenomenon as glares and halos. Ideal lenses for drivers.


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Procedure details

Surgery Performance

RLE with EDOF Vivity is performed in local anaesthesia. The natural lens is painlessly crushed with ultrasound and removed through a microincision. Our experienced eye surgeon implants a new high quality Vivity lens. RLE is performed in an ambulatory setting during which an optical element (intraocular lens) is permanently implanted in the eye. It takes about 10 minutes per eye. The patient can leave the clinic immediately after the surgery. The next day is a postoperative check-up. Intraocular lenses AcrySof IQ Vivity are produced by Alcon, an American company, and have been approved for use by the European Union and the USFDA.

Patient Requirements

Refractive lens exchange is suitable for patients over 40 years of age with disorders beyond the scope of laser eye surgery. A free online evaluation by our eye surgeons is available for you in order to assess your suitability for the RLE surgery and type of lens implants.


The main advantage of RLE is removing eye prescription. It is also a preventive treatment - patients after refractive lens exchange are no more at risk of cataract, and the risk of paroxysmal glaucoma is substantially reduced. To patients who would also like to get rid of reading glasses, we recommend the trifocal (multifocal) lens exchange method, which is a refractive lens exchange completed with so-called trifocal (multifocal) intraocular lens implantation. Another option is Extended Depth of Focus (EDOF) Lenses. The new technology of EDOF Vivity lenses enable clients to see well at distance and arm’s length, which significantly reduces the dependence on prescription glasses for intermediate and far. Vivity lens also offers functional vision up close, therefore reading glasses are not as much needed as in the case of monofocal lenses.
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How long does the process of exchanging eye lenses take?

The duration of the lens replacement process and the recovery time can vary depending on specific circumstances and types of procedures. Generally, the surgical procedure for lens replacement takes around 15-20 minutes per eye. However, the total time spent in the clinic may be longer due to pre-operative preparation and post-operative monitoring.

How long will the recovery period lasts vit EDOF Vivity lenses?

The neuroadaptation preces is highly individual, but from our experience we can say that most patients will experience immediate improvement in their vision after the procedure, but full healing and stabilization of vision may take several weeks or months.

Are there any side effects with EDOF Vivity lenses?

One of the important advantages of EDOF Vivity intraocular lenses is the fact that they do not suffer from any side effects such as night halos and glares. Therefore, if you often drive at night, these lenses may be the best choice for you.


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