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Liposuction helps to correct and improve bodily contours in areas that are resistant to weight loss. The areas that are most commonly treated by liposuction are the tummy, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, neck, upper arms and male breasts.

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Procedure details


Bodytite is a revolution in liposuction as it not only sucks out the fat with a cannula that is attached to an electrode but because it also heats up the skin and thus tightens the skin which is revolutionary as this is the only kind of liposuction that does this.

This is due to the fact that the electrode is emitting radio frequency which destroys the fat cells as well as heats up the tissue. As the electrode with the cannula is rather of the size of a knitting needle, the incision is rather small and thus the healing time is faster and the procedure itself is less invasive and thus it fastens the recovery time.

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Body Jet | Vaser

This type of liposuction is the latest in technology to assist surgeons in removing fatty deposits from any area of the body. A laser is used to melt the fat in the targeted area, making it easier to remove.

This technique also stimulates the growth of collagen eliminating any sagging skin. The less invasive liposuction is done by our experts at a state of the art clinic in the city center of Prague.

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