The breast augmented uplift with implants is performed by experienced board-certified surgeons at a modern cosmetic surgery clinic located in the city centre of Prague

The implants are of different shapes (round, drop shape) and different sizes, which allows for shaping the bust in accordance with the patients wishes. The breast uplift with implants is carried out under general anaesthesia, and require 2 days of hospitalisation.

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Procedure details

Description of breast uplift with implants plastic surgery:

Mammoplastics Breast Uplift abroad in Prague is a cosmetic surgery improving the shape of the bust. The shape of the breasts changes mostly after childbirth and breastfeeding, but also following a greater weight loss.

The aim of the Breast Reduction plastic surgery is to strengthen, push out, and improve the shape of the breasts, often together with the reduction of large areolas. In the event of simple Breast Modelling (Breast Uplift) surgery, excessive skin is removed; in the event of the Breast size Reduction, part of the lacteal gland is also reduced.

The size and the direction of the scars remaining after the Breast cosmetic surgery depends on the level of the decline of the breast and on the size of the breast. If the breasts are only slightly declined, it is possible to elevate them by only removing parts of the skin around the areola. In this case, the scar is only located around the nipple. However, in the event that the breasts are declined to a greater extent and its reduction is carried out at the same time, then it is necessary to remove the skin around the areola, as well as in the lower part of the breast. The resulting scars then remain around the areola, down from the areola towards the under-breast crease, and along the under-breast crease. Nevertheless, they appear as thin lines.

Both Breast Reduction and Breast Uplift abroad in Prague are carried out under general anaesthesia, and require 2 days of hospitalisation.

  • Duration of of breast uplift with implants: 2 to 4 hours.
  • Results of breast uplift with implants: Breast Reduction or Breast Uplift abroad in Prague are some of the most appreciated plastic surgeries by patients.
  • Anesthesia used for breast uplift with implant: General Anaesthesia

Recovery after breast uplift with implants cosmetic surgery:

  1. On the day following the Breast Reduction or Breast Uplift cosmetic surgery abroad, the doctor removes the drains from the breasts. The drains are used to drain off the rest of the blood liquids. A roller bandage is applied to the breasts after the Breast Reduction or Breast Uplift cosmetic surgery. The cuts on the breast are sealed up by a patch to be left in place for 14 days. Sterile gauze is applied on the patches.

  2. On the third day after the Breast Reduction or Breast Uplift in Prague, the patient removes the roller bandage, removes the gauze, and dresses the patches on the cuts with disinfectant without removing them. The breasts are then again covered by sterile gauze, and protected by an elastic bra with no braces. The breasts are not washed for 14 days.

  3. Two weeks later, the doctor removes the gauze from the breast and the patches from the cuts. The patients after Breast Reduction or Breast Uplift cosmetic surgery abroad can remove the patches from the cuts themselves in the event they cannot come for the re-bandaging. The stitches are absorbent, and they do not need to be removed. It is then possible to shower the breasts and pressure massages are recommended for the scars 18 days after the Breast Reduction or Breast Uplift surgery. A finger is used to exert pressure on the scar for 30 seconds, and then the finger is moved to another place on the scar. This massage is carried out several times a day, and it is also suitable to use scar creams.

  4. An elastic bra with no braces is worn for 4 weeks after the Breast Reduction or Breast plift surgery, and then it can be replaced by any bra.

  5. The patient remains in a state of rest for a week, office work is possible afterwards. Full physical strain is only possible 4 weeks later.

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