Breast Augmentation, also known as Breast Enlargement, is a type of cosmetic surgery that aim to increase the size and enhance the shape of the breasts.

Breast enlargement can help you feel more confident and to improve your overall quality of life. Our Board-certified plastic surgeons, one of Prague's most in-demand breast surgeries, understand women's beauty.

Praga Medica is a breast surgery market leader that has provided experience and excellence in plastic surgery since 2010. We offer a wide range of implants of different shapes and sizes.

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Why choose Praga Medica?

  • Fair pricingOur treatment prices are up to 50% lower than in other destinations in the EU and the UK.
  • FREE Medical EvaluationDoctor´s evaluation of your images and a medical readiness.
  • Best-in-class clinicsOur best plastic surgery clinics can offer an extensive range of treatments.
  • World-qualified plastic surgeonsOur world-qualified surgeons are plastic surgery leaders in the world. They provide the highest-quality treatments, commitment to patient safety, confidentiality, and superior results that encompass the entire body.
  • We focus on patient careOur team of highly experienced staff is committed to delivering professional and personalised advice and treatment with a focus on patient care.
  • Prague, one of the top European destinationsPrague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site. It´s accessible by plane in less than 2 hours from other European countries!

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Procedure details

Breast Implants

Breast implant surgery is the most common procedure performed under general anaesthesia. We use the latest techniques to produce perfect results. Our board-certified plastic surgeon will consult with you about the best choice of breast implants for you. There is a wide range of implants of different sizes and shapes.

The method of inserting and positioning your implant will depend on your anatomy and your Board-certified surgeon's recommendation. The incision can be made either in the crease under the breasts or around the dark skin surrounding the nipple (areola).

According to the patients' predisposition, the effect, and the doctors' assessment, the implant is placed under the lacteal gland or under the fascia of the pectoral muscle.

The surgery usually takes up to two hours to complete. Stitches are used to close the incisions, which may also be taped for greater support. The doctor will apply the gauze bandage over your breasts to help them heal. Breast Augmentation requires one-day hospitalisation.

After the bandage is removed, you will be given a surgical bra. The stitches, if not dissolvable, will come out in a week to 10 days, but the swelling in your breasts may take up to three months to subside.

B-Lite Implants

New B-Lite technology of implants is up to 30% lighter than other implants. Significant weight reduction is achieved through the unique and proprietary B-lite gel. B-Lite implants were extensively tested over ten years of being offered to patients.

Breast Fat Grafting

A breast grafting operation is an implant-free option for women who want to enhance their appearance while looking and feeling natural. Natural breast augmentation can be achieved by transferring fat from another part of your body to the breasts.


Auto-augmentation is a technique that uses breast tissue to reshape and enhance the breasts. The surgeon will typically remove some of the breast tissue from the lower part of the breast and then reposition it to create a fuller and more lifted appearance. Auto-augmentation doesn´t involve the use of implants.
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Is breast augmentation painful?

Tenderness or soreness around the incisions is possible after breast augmentation. You can feel tightness in the chest as the skin and tissue will need to adjust to the implant.

Is breast augmentation safe?

All types of implants that we use are the safest and most reliable breast implants in the market. We offer the broadest range of implant options and augmentation techniques to choose from: e.g., B-Lite Mesmo, B-Lite Microthane, Mentor, Motiva, Polytech, Polytech Polyurethan, Polytech.

Breast augmentation and breastfeeding

During breast augmentation surgery, breast implants are placed between your chest wall and your breast, avoiding interference with the breast ducts or mammary glands from which milk is produced. While some glandular tissue is removed during breast augmentation, enough breast tissue is left to enable milk production after surgery.


Treatment abroad with Praga Medica

We make it easier for English and German-speaking people to achieve a better quality of life through top-notch and affordable medical procedures in the heart of the EU.

Thanks to a personal approach, we guide the client safely through the entire process, choosing from a wide range of services to a smooth course of treatment.

Prague is known for its highly skilled plastic surgeons who use the latest techniques to deliver the best results of breast enlargement. Our board-certified surgeons collaborate with you to ensure the perfect selection of the appropriate breast implants that complement your body shape and desired goals. Furthermore, you can save up 50% compared to the rates in the UK, US or other Western countries.