Have you lost significant weight, either through dieting or bariatric surgery? Are you left with folds of excess skin and fat?

Praga Medica has a solution for you. Body Reshaping abroad!

Body reshaping is a surgical procedure aimed at correcting this excess by gathering, lifting and removing the tissue.

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Why choose Praga Medica?

  • Fair pricingOur treatment prices are up to 50% lower than in other destinations in the EU and the UK.
  • FREE Medical EvaluationDoctor´s evaluation of your images and a medical readiness.
  • Best-in-class clinicsOur best plastic surgery clinics can offer an extensive range of treatments.
  • World-qualified plastic surgeonsOur world-qualified surgeons are plastic surgery leaders in the world. They provide the highest-quality treatments, commitment to patient safety, confidentiality, and superior results that encompass the entire body.
  • We focus on patient careOur team of highly experienced staff is committed to delivering professional and personalised advice and treatment with a focus on patient care.
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Procedure details

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

The Tummy tuck cosmetic surgery, also called Full Abdominoplasty is performed under general anaesthesia and lasts from 2 to 4 hours.

The aim of a Tummy Tuck Surgery (Abdominoplasty) is to remove sagging skin and excess fat from the middle and lower abdomen and repair any separated muscles. This cosmetic surgery procedure can be very effective in reducing the bulge caused by excess skin, fat and loose abdominal muscles. The result is a flatter, firmer and more shapely abdomen. The incision leads above the pubic hair in such a way as to allow the resulting scar to be hidden below the underwear. 2 - 3 days of hospitalisation at the cosmetic surgery clinic in Prague are necessary.

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Lipotransfer (Fat Grafting)

Lipotransfer – called also fat grafting - it is a special method when fat tissue is moved by micro-air liposuction from an unwanted area of the body for example tights, love handles, belly. Fat is processed into liquid and then by injection transferred to wanted parts, usually breast, buttock even face.

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