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The infertility treatment with ICSI is a laboratory technique which expands the assisted reproduction treatment. This method enhances the artificial fertilisation success.

It is a type of a micro manipulative procedure, where the sperm is injected directly in the centre of the egg. The main advantage of this method is that it always requires only one sperm and one egg.

The ICSI method primarily eliminates the main male infertility causes. The success rate of the ICSI fertility treatment is around 90%.

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Procedure details

The ICSI technique is used if:

  • The male has a low sperm count
  • The sperms have low mobility
  • The sperms are of an abnormal shape
  • During the egg collection process were only few eggs collected

The ICSI is one of the methods offered in the IVF Cycle in Prague.

  • Certified IVF specialists with fluent English
  • No waiting listyou can have embryo transfer within 2 months from the 1st contact
  • Personal assistancelocal representative to help you before, during and after your treatment
  • Fair prices
  • Modern methodsEmbryo monitoring, Embryo Glue, genetic tests, PICSI, ERA, etc.
  • High success rate

Prices & Costs

IVF WITH ICSI questions