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Your smile is like a signature that can instantly impress those around us. Straight teeth and a whiter smile isn´t reserved for Hollywood celebrities anymore. Hollywood Smile is a total makeover of your smile that involves placing dental veneers or crowns on your teeth.

You can easily and safely enhance or comletely transform your smile with top-quality dental crowns and veneers made instantly in our own on-site dental laboratory. You will experience an individual approach and unique personal assistance.

Our high-quality technology and affordable veneers made it possible for thousands of our clients to achieve their perfect smile.

Prague – a safe destination in the heart of EU
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Why choose Praga Medica?

  • High quality treatment using the latest dental technology
  • Our price is up to 50% cheaper than in other European countries
  • No waiting list
  • We have more than 1000 happy clients with great reviews
  • We listen and we careYour satisfaction is our highest priority, no matter what your life stage or circumstances you are.

Procedure details

Wenn Sie sich für ein perfektes Lächeln entscheiden, benötigt das Hollywood-Lächeln mindestens einen Arbeitstag.

Es kommt immer auf das gewählte Material und den Umfang der zahnärztlichen Arbeiten an. Beim ersten Besuch beginnen wir immer mit einer Panorama-Röntgenaufnahme, um den genauen Zustand Ihrer Zähne zu untersuchen. Unser hochspezialisierter Zahnarzt fertigt einen digitalen Scan Ihres Zahns an und schlägt die beste Behandlung für Sie vor.

Die Anfertigung der Krone in unserem Labor vor Ort dauert 2-3 Stunden. Die fertige Krone muss anprobiert werden, um sicherzustellen, dass sie perfekt sitzt, bevor sie endgültig befestigt wird.

Manchmal benötigt der Zahnarzt mehr Tage, um die Kronen für Ihre Zähne anzufertigen, je nach der Komplexität und den individuellen Bedürfnissen jedes Kunden. In der Regel ist die Behandlung in 1-2 Tagen abgeschlossen.

What our clients think about us?


How long do I need to stay to get a Hollywood smile?

You can get a Hollywood smile (full mouth of veneers or crowns) in 2 days. The most significant advantage of our clinic is that we have a laboratory on-site.

What is involved in getting a dental veneer/Hollywood smile?

The treatment starts with an x-ray and initial consultation. The dentist checks everything and looks at whether all the root canals of the teeth are healthy and without cavities. You can always discuss your expectations, the colour of the teeth, shape, and any doubts or questions you have with the doctor. There might be a requirement to add veneers to the treatment. The procedure takes about 2-3 hours, including teeth preparation. After this, there is a 2-3 hour break for the veneers production in the laboratory. Then we proceed with the try-on of the veneers, where they are placed with a temporary fix to see if you like the result and make additional desired changes. After you are happy with the result, we fix the veneers with permanent cement. For the treatment of 1 jaw, we need one full day.

How many veneers do I need?

Our dentists will recommend you an ideal number of veneers based on your bite and the width of your smile. We will need pictures of your teeth for this assessment. It is a good idea to have an even number of veneers. Two, four, eight, ten, or twelve veneers give the best aesthetic results.


Other Dental Procedures

Treatment abroad with Praga Medica

We make it easier for English and German-speaking people to achieve a better quality of life through top-notch and affordable medical procedures in the heart of the EU.

Thanks to a personal approach, we guide the client safely through the entire process, choosing from a wide range of services to a smooth course of treatment.

We have been specializing in dental treatments, dental implants, veneers and crowns in Prague since 2010. Our high-tech laboratory methods using use CAD/CAM Cerec system that combines the latest dental technology of computer-guided modeling with CNC milling.

We provide a wide range of treatments abroad in cooperation with best dental clinics in Prague.