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The dental implant procedure is used in cases of missing teeth or teeth that need extraction.

The treatment usually requires three visits, in some cases only two visits are sufficient.

The procedure is always performed by one of our highly professional and widely experienced implantologists.

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Procedure details

Dental Implants Versus a Classic Bridge

Dental implantology has seen rapid and revolutionary development in the past decades and it has become a standard therapeutic procedure in modern dentistry. The routine use of tooth implants has radically changed our view of prosthodontic rehabilitation and we can now replace missing teeth without the need for shaving down adjacent teeth to place a bridge.

Tooth implants are of high quality, comfortable, and long-term solution.

The implant is actually a supporting abutment, cylindrical or conical in shape, with an external and internal thread. It may be called an "artificial root", which forms the basis for attaching the so-called superstructures. These are various types of support on which the crowns or bridgework are later attached.

Modern dental implants are almost exclusively made of pure titanium with special finishing of the surface.

Our Experience

We have been performing implant dentistry for several years, and we have had many international clients treated using this technology. Our implantologists insert hundreds of implants every year.

If necessary, we also perform pre-implant surgery and fabricate implant-supported prostheses/restorations.

Whether you are missing one or more teeth, dental implants may help improve your overall quality of life. This solution minimizes oral bone loss, reduces the potential compromise to adjacent healthy teeth, makes hygiene and eating more convenient, and restores your self-esteem!

The Process

Every client receives detailed information about the treatment plan and its costs. We are capable of offering several tailored treatment options that correspond to the given client's financial and time ability.

During the first visit, the extraction and implantation are performed. In some cases, bone augmentation is necessary.

After 3-6 months, the healing cylinder is inserted. Sometimes, this step can already be performed during the first visit.

After 3-4 weeks, the abutment crown or bridge is set.
  • 1st class quality High-quality titanium dental implant ICX or Biomet 3i
  • Possible online preparation of treatment plan in case 3D scan is available
  • Personal assistance local representative to help you during the whole process
  • Experienced specialists dental surgeons with over 15 years of experience

Prices & Costs