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LASIK and ReLEx Smile Laser Eye Surgery

Considering LASIK or ReLEx Smile laser surgery? Take a closer look at how long the surgery takes, how long you’ll need to stay in the Czech Republic and other questions.

Am I a good candidate for laser eye surgery?


If you are tired of wearing glasses or contact lenses laser eye surgery may be the solution for you. In general, you should have healthy eyes and a stable eye prescription. Those with certain medical conditions and women who are pregnant are not the best candidates.

How long does the surgery take?


The actual operation takes 15 minutes per eye. You will spend a total of 90 to 120 minutes at the clinic.

After all necessary administrative issues are dealt with at the reception desk, you will be seated in a relaxation area where the eye will become completely desensitized with anaesthetic drops within approximately 30 minutes. This is followed by an interview with the doctor and then the surgery takes place. The entire procedure doesn’t normally take more than 20 to 30 minutes. After another 20 to 30 minutes are spent in the relaxation area, the doctor will check the condition of your eyes, give you eye drops and instruct you about what to do in the following days.  Then it’s time to go home and start a new life without glasses!

How long will I need to stay in the Czech Republic?


Only three days are necessary for the surgery. Both eyes are operated on the same day, preceded by a thorough preoperative eye examination. The preoperative exam takes place the day prior to the surgery, then there is also a checkup exam one day after.

How long will I need to take sick leave?


In the case of an office position, 1-3 days of sick leave are usually sufficient. In the case of hard manual labor and work in a polluted environment, we recommend 7 days of sick leave. In the case you would need a sick leave certificate, we are happy to issue it on your behalf.

How long will the effects of laser surgery last?


Laser eye surgery is not a permanent solution but usually lasts 10 to 20 years. Your vision may change over time if the initial condition that affected your vision (nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism) continues to progress. However, if you choose FemtoLASIK HD or ReLEx SMILE surgery you will receive a Lifetime guarantee. Therefore in case you need additional laser eye surgery in the future, we will provide it at our clinic for free.

I’m 40 years old, can I still have laser eye surgery?


If you are over the age of 40 and would like to get rid of reading glasses, in particular, non-laser PRELEX or RLE-type surgery will likely be more suitable for you.

However, if you are over the age of 40 and your main problem is seeing from a distance, laser surgery may be best for you. Is it too complicated for you? Please complete our online medical questionnaire and we will find the best solution for your eyes.

What are the risks and side effects associated with laser eye surgery?


The risk of vision reducing complications is rare.  There may be risks associated with LASIK such as over or under correction.

Temporary side effects following laser vision correction may include dryness of eyes, sensitivity to light or halos at night. Glares or halos at night usually resolve within a few weeks. During the healing process, dry eyes can easily be treated by using artificial tears to keep the surface of your eyes moist. It is advisable to wear sunglasses when outdoors following eye surgery to reduce light sensitivity and to protect your eyes. Individual results may vary.

What is the oldest age allowed for laser eye surgery?


From 60 years of age, lens replacement will be the best option as symptoms could reverse if undergoing laser surgery at an older age.

What type of laser will be used during my procedure?


For LASIK we use Excimer laser MEL 90 and Carl Zeiss femtosecond laser VISUMAX 800. For ReLEx Smile we use VISUMAX 800, the best and fastest laser technology on the market.

VISUMAX 800 from ZEISS creates a comfortable patient experience and gain confidence. It represents a new evolution of ZEISS femtosecond lasers, offering reduced laser time in comparison to its predecessors while making tissue separation with SMILE® The biggest advantage is the laser time – only 10 seconds!

When can I resume normal activities?


There are some minimal restrictions in the first weeks following laser surgery, but many laser surgery patients can resume normal activities as soon as the following day. Vision corrective results from laser surgery are typically very rapid and many patients can see clearly 24-48 hours after surgery. Further vision improvement may continue over the following months. The doctor will likely recommend avoiding certain activities, like swimming or contact sports for several weeks.

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