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What I need to know before having dental treatment abroad

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If you make an appointment with a dentist in Prague, you can expect to be seen for an initial check-up within one week and the procedure within a month. How ...

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If you make an appointment with a dentist in Prague, you can expect to be seen for an initial check-up within one week and the procedure within a month.

How does the procedure work? What can I expect?

First, you send an inquiry and information about yourself. Praga Medica will evaluate what kind of procedure you need based on this information. If you want veneers or crowns, only pictures of your teeth will be enough to evaluate your needs. You can also take photos on your mobile phone, and we will deliver a treatment plan within a few days.

When it comes to dental implants, it is ideal to go in person for an initial appointment or send us a panoramic x-ray or 3D x-ray if you want to plan the treatment online without coming to Prague. If this is impossible, a panoramic 2D X-ray of the entire mouth will suffice. Based on this, we will send you a draft plan which we will refine after the 3D dental scan is taken. This will allow the Prague doctors to see the quality of your bone in 3D, its depth, and width, and see what is essential to do for a suitable implant.

In order to assess each client´s situation of while treating dental implants individually in Praga Medica dentistry clinic, a patient should take 3D scan of the teeth before the procedure. Therefore it is best to take it yourself at home, and we will design your treatment accordingly. Then you come in, and our doctors will implement everything in one visit. The 3D dental scan is crucial because you need to see not only the quality of the teeth but also the bone. We can arrange a 3D scan on-site if this is difficult for you.

In the case of implants, we need a 3D scan from the client that provides information about the quality of their bone (width and height). You can supply this to the clinic yourself and then we will plan online, or arrange for you to come in with the 3D in CR. If you have a panoramic scan, we will send you a preliminary plan which will then be refined after the 3D.

If you decide you want to move forward, we will send you a draft treatment plan with information on how long the procedure will take. We will help you arrange your hotel, and airport transfers to the hotel and clinic. On the day of your treatment, our assistants will be at the clinic with you during first meeting with the doctor. Dentist will confirm your individual dental treatment plan on the spot. You will then be transferred to the dental chair, and your treatment will begin.

During the first visit to Prague – Praga Medica, if you need crowns or veneers (not implants), we always start with a panoramic X-ray to examine the exact condition of your teeth. Our highly specialized dentist would take a digital scan of your tooth and suggests the best treatment for you. It takes 2-3 hours to prepare the crown in our on-site laboratory. The completed crown must be tried on to ensure that fits perfectly before the final fixation. Sometimes the dentist needs more days to produce the crowns for your teeth based on every client's complexity and individual needs. Usually, the treatment is completed in 1-3 days.

With the CEREC machine, we have the laboratory on-site. It is a 3D tooth printer that can prepare an entire jawbone in 1 day. It's challenging. First, the tooth has to be lightly ground down, so there is also room to place a ceramic crown or veneer filling to make it look as natural as possible. Grinding of the right one is done minimally. It is a delicate process that aims to interfere as little as possible with the natural tooth.

Dental treatment - crowns and veneers and Hollywood smile in Prague

Our dental clinic in Prague, Czech Republic, can treat your teeth by adding crowns and veneers or improving the complete set of teeth. What is the difference between them?

Veneers are done the one when you come to Hollywood smile. You will have an initial consultation and dental X-rays to see the health of your teeth and any cavities or problems. It starts with tooth preparation for about 2 hours, followed by breaks depending on the client's ability and sensitivity to handle the procedure. On the first day the procedure is done on the lower jaw, the second day, on the upper jaw. The doctors at Praga medica are very gentle and sensitive and listen to the needs of their customers.

In the meantime, the doctor consults with the client about his expectations, his or her goal, and what color and shape his ideal new teeth should be. Our skilled professional dentists are trained to capture the creation of an artificial tooth that fits the natural constitution of the client. The replacement teeth are of high quality, and they also respect the natural appearance of the natural teeth to complement them aesthetically.

Our clients can see the shapes of their new tooth being prepared on the computer. Therefore they have the unique opportunity to create the look of their new tooth with the doctor in a way that is as pleasing to them as possible.

The creation of new teeth is digitally controlled by a computer, and the entire process is precisely controlled, including the grinding, so the pace for errors is reduced to minimum. Therefore, it will not happen to you, that the crown or veneer does not fit, and you do not have to wait for new ones.

When the artificial teeth are made, the client gets a "first try on," a test where the tooth is fixed with a temporary adhesive. Only when the client has verified that the shape and appearance of the tooth suits and fits, can work be done on the shade of white of the tooth. When the client is satisfied with the final result of the tooth, the new tooth is fixed with permanent cement. This fixation is firm, like a natural tooth. At this stage, the step cannot be undone.

The next day, our dentists work on the other jaw in the same way. In the end, the so-called bite checkup takes place, and the final corrections are made to the bite so that it fits ideally and the client can bite and eat comfortably.

Creating a replacement crown at Praga Medica

The process is the same for crowns, only slightly shorter. It starts with a consultation with the client, preparation for the procedure, creating the new tooth, fixing the tooth, and then the aesthetics of matching the teeth that are there.

Throughout the process of getting a new tooth, you have the opportunity to ask questions, consult with an English-speaking doctor, and are entitled to assistance and support. There is also an assistant with you at the Praga Medica clinic in the Czech Republic while the dental treatment plan is sorted out so that you are supported in an unfamiliar environment.

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