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Total hip or knee replacement: We implant quality of life at any age

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Total hip or knee replacement might sound like the worst nightmare. In reality, the orthopaedic surgery helps you to manage pain, improve your performance at work, your lifestyle and reduce ...

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Total hip or knee replacement might sound like the worst nightmare. In reality, the orthopaedic surgery helps you to manage pain, improve your performance at work, your lifestyle and reduce your weight. Moreover, the orthopaedic surgery can be performed at any age. We offer affordable surgery in a modern clinic with the best specialists in the Czech Republic.

If you are like many people with a bad knee or hip, you are probably considering surgery but are not really certain if you should go through with it. You might be worried about managing the pain, the finance, the amount of time away from work or other complications. Simple straightforward booking of treatment abroad for less money with no waiting list, high-quality implants and the top orthopaedic surgeons in the Czech Republic tailoring your treatment plan, is the best solution. You will have a local representative assisting you from your arrival until your departure, a person who will guide and help you through the whole process. We make every effort for you to have a successful orthopaedic surgery abroad.

Total Hip Replacement

This procedure is the definitive treatment for severe arthritis of the hip joint causing symptoms that are annoying in your day to day life and not adequately controlled by non-surgical means.

Common symptoms include pain in the groin, thigh and bottom. Often activity-related and typically affecting simple things like putting one’s shoes and socks on or being able to reach one’s toenails, getting in and out of cars.

Hip replacements are major operations with low risks. However, with major improvements in biomaterials and surgical techniques, they have become some of the most successful (if not the most successful) operations of the 21st century with excellent results and very high patient satisfaction.

Total Knee Replacement

Similar to hip replacement surgery, a knee replacement is indicated when you have advanced osteoarthritis of the knee joint and non-operative measures, for example, weight loss, anti-inflammatory, physiotherapy, are no longer controlling your pain.

Modern-day knee replacements are a successful way to treat end-stage arthritic knee pain and immobility. It is never really too late to replace the knee so if you can manage with your current arthritic knee, and keep going until it becomes too uncomfortable and is interfering with your quality of life.

Considering knee replacement?

Your Xray or CT Scan results help your doctor to diagnose osteoarthritis based on the medical or physical examination if you:

• Suffer from severe knee pain which limits your daily activities (such as walking, getting up from a chair, or climbing stairs).

• Moderate to severe pain that occurs during rest or awakens you at night.

• Have a chronic knee inflammation and swelling that is not relieved with rest or medications

• Fail to obtain pain relief from medications, injections, physical therapy, or other conservative treatments

All the procedures in the House

The goal of total hip or knee replacement surgery is to relieve pain and restore alignment and function. Our highly experienced surgeon will evaluate your hip/knee joint with a full physical exam and X-rays and develop an individual treatment plan. Your surgery will be performed in one of our specialized private clinics in the Czech Republic. The clinic, located between Prague and Brno, serves only a small number of clients at any given time. You can rest assured that you will receive intimate and personalized care from very attentive doctors and nurses. The surgery is performed under spinal or general anaesthesia. You will receive a high-quality implant from well known and proven brands. The crucial post-operative rehabilitation is performed on-site by an experienced physiotherapist. Rehabilitation begins immediately following the surgery. A physical therapist will teach you specific exercises to strengthen your leg, restore knee movement or strengthen and mobility of your hip. Knee immobilizers are used to stabilize the knee. You will be able to walk with crutches or a walker. Your physical therapist will also provide you with a home exercise program to strengthen thigh and calf muscles.

Short surgery replacement in two weeks with minimum post-surgical pain

Our specialized private orhopaedic clinic uses minimally invasive treatments as well as using the post-surgical blood collection ORTHOP A.S. system of the autotransfusion and top of the line implants and endoprosthesis. These modern technologies lower the physical burden on your body which helps the healing process as well as post-surgical rehabilitation. It shortens the hospital stay and the subsequent recovery phase. Minimally invasive methods also lower post-surgical pain and result in smaller scars.

The usual treatment plan for a single visit

Day 1: Arrival at the clinic + pre-operative tests

Day 2: The surgery

Day 3: Intensive care unit

Day 4-13: Intensive rehabilitation

Day 14: Final check-up and departure

The state-of-the-art clinic

The accommodation is provided in the state-of-the-art clinic, laid by Pope John Paul II in 1990, and located in the beautiful Czech countryside. It is an intimate and secluded environment that will help you rest and recover fully until you are ready to leave. For more information click here.