Why is the Czech Republic the best country for eye surgery?

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The Czech Republic is one of the world leaders in eye surgery. There are several reasons for that such as high standards, lower prices but also long history with eye surgeries and lenses. Another reason is the amount of procedures performed each year which is gradually increasing.

The first reason why the Czech Republic is one of the world leaders is the fact that the Czech Republic has statistically a high number of procedures done. The reason for that is the fact that patients are well educated about possible procedures and that the Czech healthcare system covers most of these procedures. Therefore, ophthalmologists can specialize in a certain treatment and thus have more experience than the doctors outside of the Czech Republic. The overall number of patients is also increasing because of foreigners traveling to the Czech Republic for an eye operation which gives the doctors a chance to gain more valuable experience.

The second reason for the Czech Republic to be at the top of the charts is the fact that the Czech clinics uses one of the most advanced technology and materials. Many doctors from the USA travel to the Czech Republic to learn about new procedures or advancements. The reason for this is that the Czech Republic is considered a world leader in research and development in ophthalmology (a medical branch dealing with the eyeball and orbit).

A good example of such research and development is a company called Medicem. Medicem is now developing a new type of lens that will age with the eye. This will be achieved by quick laser operations. We can see an increasing trend in lens replacement surgeries, as well as people tend to live longer and thus the lenses must be able to age with the eye. Clinical testing of the new lenses is required which will take around 5-7 years. According to the leading researcher the costs of the research have already reached hundreds of millions of Euros and could not be done without the Czech experts and local tradition in research and development in ophthalmology.

Some Czech clinics has negotiated special contracts with manufacturers to be one of the first ones to receive a new product as well as a good price. This is mainly due to the volume of operations performed in the Czech Republic. A good example of such companies can be Zeiss lenses which are widely used in the Czech Republic as well as Alcon lenses.

Another reason is the number of unique operations. There are many unique eye treatments that can be done. It ranges from cosmetic surgeries and eyelid operations to vision correction treatments. A good example of such a unique operation is Golden eye sequins. During this cosmetic treatment, two golden glitters are implanted in the eye.

Most doctors also argue that the reason why the Czech Republic is one of the world leaders in ophthalmology and why many people from abroad travel to the Czech Republic is its historical achievement in ophthalmology:

One of the biggest Czech achievements in ophthalmology was the first successful corneal transplant performed by Edward Zim in 1905. This was the first successful organ transplant surgery in the world and was very significant as it proved that organ transplantation is possible. Many surgeons then started research in transplanting other organs. This surgery is still performed today.

The other achievement in Czech ophthalmology that is of great importance was the development of contact lenses and its manufacturing. This was developed by Otto Wichterle in 1961. Otto Wichterle has succeeded in making the first hydrogel contact lenses. He made them with a homemade machine. In the first 4 months of 1962, he made over 5500 contact lenses. In 1965 an American company bought rights for manufacturing contact lenses in the USA. One of the companies was Bausch+Lomb. It is the same company that is now a clinical testing partner with the new Medicem lenses.

Prague´s little brother

Brno, Prague´s little brother, is another place to go for eye surgery. Brno is the second biggest city in the Czech Republic with a fantastic local vibe, many cosy cafés, and restaurants. It is on the Czech map as a must-see tourist destination, place where you can easily spend days, lazily strolling the beautiful streets, relaxing in the city squares, and exploring secret corners. Brno is well located, accessible by train from Prague or Vienna. Brno has its own airport with many international flights from the EU and the UK. Our eye clinic in Brno has internationally renowned experts offering excellent treatment and services for reasonable prices. The approximate cost difference compared to other European clinics is 500 EUR up to 1000 EUR per eye.

Slovakia´s treasure

Bratislava, Slovakia´s capital where our partner clinic is located, is the leader in high-quality eye treatments. Laser-Assisted Refractive Lens Exchange is the most modern vision treatment procedure you can get at our clinic. Refractive lens Exchange is suitable for patients over 45 with disorders beyond the scope of laser eye surgery.

Bratislava city offers a stunning mix of the history of the Gothic old town and crowning castle. Recent years have added a cast of outlandish statues, boutiques and stylish cafes, beer halls, and nice restaurants. Despite the march of modernism, Bratislava still has nature on its doorstep. The city banks the Danube River, only a few kilometers from the Austrian border.

Bratislava´s excellent location offers many international flights from other European destinations as well as a good train/bus connection directly from Vienna. One of the advantages of having a treatment in Bratislava is that we can organize a car transfer from Vienna airport for you. Also, there are many regular flights to Bratislava scheduled from London, Manchester, Leeds, or Dublin. Our Bratislava partner clinic has received the latest technology in laser eye surgeries Visumax800. It represents the latest generation of femtosecond lasers, offering reduced laser time to 10 seconds per eye! It creates a brilliant patience experience.

This is why the Czech Republic and Slovakia are the best destinations for eye surgery. The easiest way to undergo surgery abroad is through an agency like Praga Medica which will organize the whole trip and make the travel abroad a hassle-free experience. The best thing about it is that it will not increase the cost of the procedure. Going with Praga Medica for eye surgery or contacting their cooperating clinic directly will cost you the same amount. And maybe travelling on your own can cost you even more as the agency will save your time and make sure that you will avoid the tourist traps.

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