Open your eyes to the benefits of scheduling vision surgery for summer

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Sun cream, check!

Guidebook, check!

20/20 vision, check!

When we think of the summer holidays, we don't tend to think of making a trip to the eye surgeon, but this is actually a great time of year to undergo corrective surgery. Here are the key reasons why:

  1. A Japanese medical study from 2015 noted that cataract patients who underwent surgery in the summer enjoyed better sleep quality than those who had surgery in the winter.[1]
  2. Clinics are not as busy in the summer, so the doctors are more likely to be able to fit around your schedule and not the other way around.
  3. As business slows down over summer there may be more opportunities to pick up a good deal.
  4. You'll be able to take more time off to recuperate post-op and deal with any recovery issues should they arise.
  5. Summer sports, sea and sand don't mix well with contact lenses or glasses. Eye surgery frees you to swim underwater, snorkel and scuba dive; hop on a jet ski; hit the volleyball and tennis court; or just laze on the beach without a second thought.
  6. You'll no longer have to choose between spending your summer in a blur or forking out for expensive prescription sunglasses.
  7. Seasonal allergies are irritating for many of us, but especially so for contact lens wearers. Many grass and weed pollens are at their peak in summer, so although eye surgery will not stop the sneezing, ditching the contacts will reduce some of the misery of red, itchy eyes.
  8. Summer is traditionally the time when we hop on a plane for a much-needed holiday. Glasses and contact lenses are an additional inconvenience that we could do without when dealing with the stresses of packing and flying. Eye surgery means no contact lens solution confiscated at the airport or leaking into your luggage, no dry eyes mid-flight and no broken or misplaced prescription glasses to worry about replacing when you're far from home.

Don't let glasses or contacts holding you back on holiday again!

Would you like to swap your prescription glasses for some chic designer shades this summer? Get in touch and we can discuss whether corrective eye surgery is right for you.

Contributing writer: Natasha Robinson