Don't lose sight of what's important - enjoy laser-sharp vision with LenSx lens replacement surgery

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The LenSx laser has revolutionised the field of laser-assisted intraocular lens exchange and is lauded by patients and medical professionals alike. Clinical evidence shows that patients who undergo eye surgery with LenSx report improved emotional, physical and cognitive wellbeing. So, don't let your dependence on glasses or issues with cataracts cloud your ability to enjoy life to the full; read on to see how LenSx can put the spring back in your step.

Technology you can trust

Luckily things have moved on since the times of manual lens replacement surgery, when going under the knife was the only option. The LenSx femtosecond laser is the most widely used technology platform around the world and a clear market leader. It offers exceptional results for refractive lens exchange, astigmatism correction and cataract surgery.

Here are just a few reasons why LenSx is a cut above the rest:

  • Unparalleled precision, control and reproducibility
  • Highly customised treatment tailored specifically to your anatomy and needs
  • 50% faster operative time
  • Minimally invasive surgery which requires 43% less force to extract the natural lens
  • Quicker visual recovery and reduced eye trauma, discomfort and post-operative swelling
  • Safe, predictable surgery with minimal risk of complications and consistent outcomes
  • Constantly evolving technology which can integrate with other ophthalmic tech
  • Excellent value for money at only 650 EUR per eye

How does LenSx laser surgery work?

The system 'docks' seamlessly with your eye enabling a high-resolution image of your eye to be generated onto a computer. This allows surgeons to plan with pinpoint accuracy where the laser should make an incision. Laser pulses are then used to make a few small precise cuts, soften the natural lens and break it into pieces. The surgeon then removes the natural lens and introduces an intraocular lens (IOL).

What to expect after surgery with LenSx

You can look forward to improved vision within 24 hours of surgery and be back to your normal routine in one to two days. There might be a little discomfort, itching and photosensitivity as your eyes heal, but this should ease over the next couple of days. Antibiotic eye drops may be prescribed to prevent infection. Patients report higher satisfaction with LenSx compared to traditional laser surgery thanks to minimal discomfort, faster recovery and much improved vision, allowing them to finally say goodbye to glasses.

Is LenSx surgery right for me?

Anyone who regularly uses glasses or contact lenses or suffers from cataracts is a good candidate for LenSx. However, issues such as corneal opacity, glaucoma, poor pupil dilation and previous corneal surgery may mean other surgical options are advisable.

How can Praga Medica help?

Since 2009 we have successfully helped hundreds of people around the world benefit from the excellent medical care and expertise here in the beautiful city of Prague, Czech Republic. We work with only the top surgeons who have extensive surgical and technical experience with the LenSx platform and who operate in state-of-the-art medical facilities. Our team speaks fluent English and we pride ourselves on giving comprehensive, unbiased advice to assess your suitability for LenSx surgery: no pressure, no hard sell; just facts. Don't take our word for it though, check our testimonials to see how satisfied previous patients are with their lens replacement surgery.

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