Brno and Bratislava: European Meccas of Eye surgeries

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In the field of eye surgeries, the Czech Republic and Slovakia are well known for having the best eye clinics in the EU. No country in the world performs as many eye treatments as these two. Two of the most outstanding eye clinics are located in Brno and Bratislava. Czech and Slovak eye healthcare boasts many achievements in both European as well as global fields. Having eye surgery at the right place is a life-changing decision!

Eye surgery abroad?

There are several reasons for having eye treatment in Brno or Bratislava. All the benefits such as a long history of eye surgeries and lens replacements, very high standards of treatments, lower cost, and no waiting lists bring these clinics to the top of the European market. Another highlight is that you will be looked after by the most qualified and skilled ophthalmologist.

Having lens replacement surgery means that you can see clearly without glasses or contact lenses for the rest of your life. The result is so amazing that you wouldn´t have to wear contacts all day, spend money on contacts or expensive glasses. As the public health system in the world´s wealthiest countries become overstretched, you can avoid the high medical cost and long waiting lists.

Prague´s little brother

Brno, Prague´s little brother, is a place with a fantastic local vibe, many cosy cafés, and restaurants. It is on the Czech map as a must-see tourist destination. Brno is the second biggest city in Czechia where you can easily spend days, lazily strolling the beautiful streets, relaxing in the city squares, and exploring secret corners. Brno is well located, accessible by train from Prague or Vienna.

Brno has its own airport with many international flights from the EU and the UK. Our eye clinic in Brno has internationally renowned experts offering excellent treatment and services for reasonable prices. The approximate cost difference compared to other European clinics is 500 EUR up to 1000 EUR per eye.

Slovakia´s treasure

Bratislava, Slovakia´s capital, is the leader in high-quality eye treatments. Laser-Assisted Refractive Lens Exchange is the most modern vision treatment procedure you can get at our clinic. Refractive lens Exchange is suitable for patients over 45 with disorders beyond the scope of laser eye surgery.

Bratislava city offers a stunning mix of the history of the Gothic old town and crowning castle. Recent years have added a cast of outlandish statues, boutiques and stylish cafes, beer halls, and nice restaurants. Despite the march of modernism, Bratislava still has nature on its doorstep. The city banks the Danube River, only a few kilometers from the Austrian border.

Bratislava´s excellent location offers many international flights from other European destinations as well as a good train/bus connection directly from Vienna. One of the advantages of having a treatment in Bratislava is that we can organize a car transfer from Vienna airport for you. Also, there are many regular flights to Bratislava scheduled from London, Manchester, Leeds, or Dublin.

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