Travel Abroad in the Time of Corona. It Is Possible Again!!!

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The time of corona is slowly coming to the end. However, many of us don´t know what is allowed and what is still prohibited. Security measures are changing from day to day.

As summer is fast approaching, the current question is what about traveling abroad? And since the clarity of the information is not entirely sufficient, we hope that the following article will clarify the situation for you.

Some customers visited us during the Corona restrictions. We interviewed one of them so as to give you a better idea of ​​how you could travel abroad to the Czech Republic for medical care with us. Sometimes you cannot or do not want to wait for the procedure, so we have done our best so that clients can undergo treatment again without any problems. We selected a customer from the UK who travelled to Prague for IVF treatment.

  1. Praga Medica: ,,You’ve udergone IVF treatment when it was obviously not the easiest time to travel. Can you tell us how your flight was from the UK to the Czech Republic? How was the border control at the airport?’’

Mrs. Iv.: ,,Edinburgh Airport:

When I arrived at the departure gate, I was informed that as I was traveling on to the Czech Republic I would be required to show additional documents.  I showed all of the above which were checked and boarded my flight.

I did not have to show any documents in Amsterdam – only my passport.  (Even though the border guard was bored but very friendly!).

Prague Airport:

At border control, I opened my passport to the photo page and inserted my documents.  I handed it to the guard who checked through them.  He did not ask me anything further.  He nodded and I went through.''


  1. Praga Medica:,,In order to enter the Czech Republic and stay for more than 24 hours, you were required to have a negative PCR test. What was your experience with taking the PCR test?’’

Mrs. Iv.:,,Better 2 know:  is the clinic I used for testing.  My test was a postal test.  The purchase of the test is made online or over the phone.  If purchased over the phone it is better as you are then able to explain the circumstances.  I explained why I was traveling and the timeframe within which the test result had to be returned and the certificate received.  THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE PERSONALLY – AS NOT POSSIBLE DO TO DO ONLINE.

I received my results via their patient login, which they provide access to with password etc.  I was able to see online that my Covid-19 result was negative.  I then received a certificate and lab report attesting to this.  Better2know is an established testing facility and is fully registered with all the relevant UK authorities (rather than a ‘pop-up’ Covid-testing facility.   I had initially forwarded the corona test sheet which you had sent to me, but they said that their certificate supersedes this.  However, upon speaking to you, I filled it out myself and attached it to the documents I would be taking on my travels. ‘’

Documents:  Staple/paper clip together in the following order:

  • Invitation letters in Czech and English (CZECH LETTER ON TOP)
  • Corona test sheet from Praga Medica (filled out by me)
  • Corona test CERTIFICATE, pathology report and final report from Better2know


  1. Praga Medica: ,,Obviously, it’s understandable that people are unaware of the conditions for travelling, possibly even scared. Would you like to send a message to our prospective clients about what it’s really like to travel during this time?’’

Mrs Iv.: ,,Regarding my journey to Prague;  I think it is important that clients specify that the purpose of their request (notarization of documents and testing) is for IVF.  Individuals seem to be so much more sympathetic to this cause.’’


  1. Praga Medica:,,And finally, we have a slightly personal question… How would you rate this quick process of IVF treatment in the Czech Republic? Would you mind sharing the outcome of your treatment? Does your story have a happy ending, and can we expect a picture of a baby in 9 months?''

Mrs. Iv.:,,I traveled to Prague on the 2nd of June 2020 from the UK for my embryo transfer. I was very happy with the service received from Praga Medica throughout the process, prior, during and post travel.. Interactions with my designated International Coordinator were always hugely positive. Vicky was extremely responsive at all times, providing the much needed reassurance.

My scheduled March 2020 transfer was cancelled due to the pandemic and country lockdown. It was extremely disappointing. Praga Medica was working hard to ensure they continue assisting patients throughout this period. When the Czech borders reopened, I was guided on the additional requirements for entry and provided with the necessary paperwork. My journey went smoothly. The treatment and care process is straightforward. Camera assisted transfer is a very helpful addition. Preliminary scans were carried out by Dr. Monika Polakova, and the transfer by MUDr. Petra Polášková. My doctor. Both experiences were positive. Doctors and nurses alike were empathic and engaging (despite the facemasks). I have just taken a pregnancy test and am thrilled to announce that I am currently pregnant!‘‘


Travel is once again becoming an everyday activity in our lives. If you have any questions, please contact our consultants or visit our social networks.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Your Praga Medica team