Top 10 Reasons to Enjoy Christmas Season in Prague

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Top 10 Reasons to Enjoy Christmas Season in Prague

The chilliest time of the year, when the days are shorter and the nights are longer, works its magic on us also thanks to the cozy atmosphere Christmas brings along.

Prague is simply a perfect destination to visit during the winter, not only when it comes to location, services and prices, but the city is simply going to take your breath away with its historical charm and Christmas traditions.

So it’s no surprise that for several consecutive years, both CNN and The Telegraph have voted Prague as one of the most beautiful winter destinations to visit.

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Cheap Flights

To visit Prague during the Christmas season is not going to hurt your budget greatly. Flights to Prague, or any other means of transportation from abroad, are significantly cheaper.

Just one important rule of thumb to stick to: the earlier you book, the cheaper it gets!

Cheap Accommodation

Usually, around this time (with the exception of Christmas week through New Years Day) you‘ll find cheaper accommodation even directly in the city center within walking distance from the main sites.

Christmas Markets in Prague

Christmas markets are an annual tradition here in Prague. This year they will welcome their visitors from the 1st of December until the 6th of January.  Christmas markets are a perfect place that brings together locals and tourists to enjoy the festive winter atmosphere.

Handcraft Gifts

Nicely decorated stands are a feast for your eyes.  At the Christmas market, you‘ll find many interesting ideas for Christmas decorations, additionally, you can buy some original Christmas presents from local craftsmen for your family and friends.

Svařák – Mulled Wine

While walking along with the Christmas markets there are also a few delicacies you should not miss: typical drinks such as Czech beer, grog and mulled wine (svařák) are going to warm you up, no matter how cold the outside temperature becomes.

Traditional Czech Food

Traditional Czech food is also worth trying – grilled sausages, roasted ham, and an abundance of local pastries are going to fill you up with lots of energy to enjoy sightseeing for the day.

Romantic Atmosphere of Prague

After a long day of walking around sightseeing, there is one more free attraction you should definitely not miss. It is a slow romantic stroll in the narrow streets of Lesser Town and Kampa shortly before the sunset. The views of the city are amazing.

Charles Bridge at Night

After having a nice dinner in one of the cozy restaurants in the city center, the walk on the Charles bridge at night is going to contribute to the overall romantic winter atmosphere of the city.

Ice-skating in Prague

For those who enjoy typical winter activities, Prague also has some aces up its sleeve. Throughout winter, there will be a few ice-skating rinks placed around the city open to the public where you can “warm yourself up“ a bit – usually, there is only a symbolic fee for the entrance.

The Slavic Epic

However, when the temperature drops below zero, this winter you have a unique chance to admire one of the most important artworks of the famous Czech Art Noveau artist – Alfons Mucha.  “The Slav Epic“, painted on 20 large canvases, is going to be on display in the Art Noveau building of Municipal House in Prague until January 13th. Definitely worth going!

Even though 2018 is slowly, but surely approaching to its end, there is still plenty of time to fulfill your resolutions and add new highlights to this year. So, book your ticket to Prague and make your Christmas this year an unforgettable experience to share with your beloved ones.

Contributing writer: Jana Praščáková