Second IVF and chance of success

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The heartbreaking and moving story of Pamela and her partner Ian. Two people who decided to spend the rest of their lives together, start a family and live a simple ordinary life like everybody else. Unfortunately, everything does not always go as you wish or plan.

When the two met, Pamela was 17 and Ian was 20. Two years later, they both felt it was time to start a family. They had no idea how many years of effort, torment and struggle awaited them. At the age of just 21, Pamela experienced her first miscarriage. Another miscarriage at 25 was followed by ectopic pregnancy and uterine surgery.

At 26, she and her husband went to a fertility clinic to find out WHY…? Since then, there followed 6 miscarriages and two failed IVF  treatments. One might think that it just wasn’t meant to be.

Helplessness. Failure. Desire. Weakness. Exhaustion.

After several years of failure, the couple decided to try IVF treatment abroad and in 2017 they contacted us and amazingly, it wasn't long before Pamela gave birth to baby Patrick in November 2018. Incredible! Finally, their greatest wish was fulfilled. A completely different life began for them. The life they had fought for, for so many years.

Pamela and Ian have a one-year-old boy. Will Patrick be an only child? Last month, Pamela and her husband Ian visited us again. How did it end up…?

A short excerpt of what Pamela says:

,,We are about to embark on another epic journey to become parents for the second time. The first time we had help from our friends and family through a go fund me page as we had exhausted our finances on private treatments. We had tried to conceive for 18 years with a lot of heartache and miscarriages.

Last year we managed to go to Prague and attended Praga Medica clinic for a frozen donor embryo transfer which we were advised may give us a good chance as I have antiphospholipid syndrome which is a condition where your body rejects your own cells. So armed with blood thinning injections and baby aspirin we took a chance we thought would be our last and it turned out to be our miracle chance.

On November 10th 2018 our son Patrick was born, a day we will always remember as it was amazing exciting and scary all at once. We now had our baby but were also new to parenthood and the challenges it brings. Feeling like zombies for the first 3 months as we now realised we no longer would get a full night’s sleep ha ha! Every little milestone Patrick meets and every smile and giggle makes it all worthwhile.''


The complete article was published on Fertilityroad Magazine.