Mix and Match Makeovers: Is Combining Plastic Surgeries a Viable Option?

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You may consider parts of your body to be 'problem areas' and have a shopping list of things you'd like to change given the opportunity. If you are looking to have several cosmetic enhancements, then you may be wondering if it is possible to undergo more than one procedure at the same time and get it all over within one fell swoop. The answer is, rather unhelpfully, it depends! It all comes down to patient safety, so if the surgeries are focused on one particular part of the body and do not significantly raise the risk profile when combined, then it may be possible. However, any procedures which are considered high risk or would require moving the patient during the operation are best tackled individually.

Complementary surgical procedures

Some surgeries go hand in hand, so combining them instead of performing separate procedures is both logical and practical. Popular tried-and-tested complementary surgeries include:

Mummy Makeover

XL Liposuction

  • Liposuction of 5 or more areas
  • Breast augmentation

Facelift +

  • Rhytidectomy (facelift)
  • Lower rhytidectomy (necklift)
  • Blepharoplasty (upper and lower eyelids)

Fat Transfer

Using liposuction to transfer fat to buttocks and breasts

Benefits of combining surgery

Saves time: Fewer pre-op consultations, shorter time in surgery and faster post-op recovery time when compared to undergoing separate procedures.

Saves money: You'll need to pay for fewer consultations, one hospital stay, one anaesthetist, etc.

One general anaesthetic: General anaesthesia brings with it risks and side effects, which increase with a patient's age. The fewer times you have to go under, the better.

Risks of combining surgery

More difficult recovery: It stands to reason that the more procedures you undergo, the more difficult the recovery process will be. You may experience more discomfort post-op, longer recovery time and a potential increase of post-op complications.

Longer time under general anaesthetic: Although you will only be under just the once, you'll be under for longer and this can increase the risks and side effects associated with anaesthesia.

Final considerations

It's important to ensure that the provider you choose has experience with combining the surgeries you want and has patient testimonials to back this up. Also, as multiple procedures will put your body under considerable strain, you need to be in good health and be mentally and physically fit enough to handle the additional stresses and demands placed upon your body.

Contributing writer: Natasha Robinson