How does BodyTite work?

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Most of us want our body to look better. The first way, how to make our body look better, that comes to our mind is fat removal. Liposuction has been around since the early 70’s and one of the biggest problem with it was the fact that the skin after liposuction did not tighten which has made the body to look skinnier but not like the body we all wish to have. This is why researchers have developed BodyTite.

BodyTite is a revolution in liposuction as it not only removes fat but it also tightens the skin and thus ensures that the body you have always dreamed of might be one operation away.

The best thing about BodyTite is the fact that it uses radiofrequency energy and thus reduces the bruising and the recovery time as well as the patient can be under oral sedation depending on the amount of fat to be removed. Results can be seen immediately as there is almost no swelling involve again depending on the area to be treated. It has up to 50% of skin tightening. This is mainly beneficial for men and women that are of age 40 and above where the skin does not tighten after the classical liposuction. This is also beneficial to people who have larger deposits of fat where after classical liposuction the skin of the patient will not be tightened

As well as that it is also able to get rid of cellulite which can’t be removed with classical liposuction. The body sculpting itself is more even than with classical liposuction. BodyTite skin tightening cannot be done with any other method than BodyTite. With classical liposuction, the patient needs to go for body tightening procedures after the recovery time and the skin tightening results are less visible as it is usually done on the top of the skin as Bodytite tightens the skin from the top and below the skin to ensure the best skin tightening.

BodyTite is made up of an electrode with a thermostat on the top of the skin and an electrode with a cannula attached to it which is emitting a radio frequency that destroys the fat cells as well as heats up the tissue. As the electrode with the cannula is rather of the size of a knitting needle, the incision is rather small and thus the healing time is faster and the procedure itself is less invasive and thus it fastens the recovery time.

How does BodyTite work:

The area to be treated is filled with tumescent fluid which is a special type of liquid that reduces bruising. After filling the area with a tumescent fluid, an electrode with an attached suction cannula is put underneath the skin and the electrode with a thermostat is put on top of the skin.

Between the inside and outside electrode a radiofrequency energy is formed which will generate heat and at the same time sucks out the fat. The thermostat with the electrode that is at the top of the skin measures the temperature to make the procedure to be safe for the patient as well as it keeps the heat high enough for the best skin tightening.

Doctors say that the most exciting part about BodyTite is not only the advantages stated above but also the technology itself which gives doctors feedback on what is happening again to ensure the best result possible. Doctors also like the fact that BodyTite is just a combination of two techniques that have been used for a long time and again making it safer for the patient.

BodyTite is also a revolution in treating pseudo gynecomastia and gynecomastia ( excessive fat deposits in one or both male breasts) as it removes fat from males breast as well as it tightens the skin. This is why it is one of the most favorite types of liposuction used to treat this problem.

One session can be done under oral/local/general anesthesia depending on the size and the type of the area to be treated. The treatment takes 1-3 hours depending on the size and type of the area to be treated. Bodytite has 92% worth its rate on