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7 Reasons Why you Should Opt for Eye Surgery

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Poor eyesight can cause both physical and mental difficulties. It can be something you were born with, or maybe your eyesight simply worsened as you got older. That does not ...

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Poor eyesight can cause both physical and mental difficulties. It can be something you were born with, or maybe your eyesight simply worsened as you got older. That does not mean that you should just put up with it, though. Laser eye surgery gives you the option of doing away with glasses or contact lenses. With laser eye treatment, your vision will be clear and perfect. However, if you are still unsure whether you should have laser eye surgery, here are some reasons to consider undergoing this life-changing experience.

Eye surgery can solve these problems for you:

Issues with contact lenses or glasses

Both contact lenses and glasses are an added hassle that requires unique care and attention. Glasses need to be kept clean for you to see clearly and sometimes it is a real hassle to keep them and your vision smudge- and smear-free. Contact lenses require you to adhere to strict hygiene measures as well. After eye surgery, that's all done with. Furthermore, there will be no more obstacles to enjoying your favourite activities such as watching a 3D film or surfing.

Limitations to your active lifestyle

Lots of people find glasses and contact lenses limiting with an active lifestyle. Let’s face it, as much as contact lenses are convenient in comparison to wearing glasses, they can still be a burden while exercising. Swimming with contact lenses, for instance, increases the risk of eye infection. After having eye surgery, you never have to deal with dirty glasses or dislodged contact lenses irritating your eyes. There is no need for any restrictions or special precautions when being active and keeping fit.

The danger of falling asleep

Dozing off and falling asleep while wearing contact lenses can be a nightmare. Even falling asleep with glasses on is rather uncomfortable and can damage the frames or lenses. We can all agree that falling asleep while wearing either glasses or contacts is not a great idea. Having eye laser surgery resolves this problem and makes falling asleep a dream again.

Lowered self-confidence

Wearing glasses and contact lenses can make you self-conscious, especially if you have to wear them all the time and feel they don't suit you. Of course, the right pair of glasses can be a valuable fashion accessory to complement your look. With laser eye surgery, people can see the real you again and you will be able to feel unencumbered and confident and enjoy perfect vision all at the same time.

Impediments to your career

Your career choice does not have to be limited either. Different jobs have different requirements and being a soldier or firefighter demands top-notch physical fitness. The last thing you want is for glasses or contacts to limit you while working on your dream career.

Pain from wearing glasses and contact lenses

Wearing glasses and contact lenses all day long can often result in pain or discomfort. Wearing contact lenses can make your eyes feel gritty, especially at the end of a busy day. Having laser eye surgery will potentially result in a couple of days of discomfort, but after that, you will never have to endure the feeling of peeling dry contacts off your eyeballs or taking off your glasses after a long day.


Laser eye surgery may seem costly. However, one has to take into account the cost of glasses, their maintenance; or the ongoing expenses related to contact lenses. In the long run, eye surgery is more economical, particularly for those who have needed visual aids from an early age.

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